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JAN 1 09 This is s piece that was given to the lady because she was told she was part of the Lemurian race. The item as I was told came to Rosaleen during a meditational ritual held by many. This piece takes you back to the destruction but it will also empower you with the power that the race had.

As I understand it the piece is made from what was on Lemuria at the time. I can not prove this as I was not there but my own experiences with it have been very unusual. The first time I wore it I felt nothing but I left it on by accident after a late night. I ended up sleeping with it and had the most unusual dreams. I think that what we think of the lemurians must be a little off or wrong. What I saw was that they had oval shaped heads with a beam of light that seemed to come through as a third eye.

At some point in the dream I realized that I was dreaming and stood back and watched what was going on. As I did this many came forward and told me to not distance myself and to join my other twin soul so that I may benefit from the experience.

One of the Lemurians extended a hand to me and when I touched it I felt such a jolt that I began to wake. When this happened they told me to stay and I was being pulled back. I was asked to sit down and allow them to empower me for brain ability and protection. When it was all over I was asked to find my brothers and sisters. At this point I thought of Mongrella! (ha ha ha) I just had to get that in there,sorry but I couldn't help it!

Back to being serious,they did ask me to find my brothers and sisters. I don't know how I was to do this and really was clueless. A few days went by and a strange man walked up to me while I was waiting in my car for Flamie and he said  "Hello Sister" I looked and he looked normal so I thought to myself Oh no,please don't make me have to actually talk to someone because Im not that good in the morning, I have this one lady that calls me day in and day out and I call her Fang. I had 52 phone calls from her and I just couldn't take another human life wanting my attention. I was about to lose it. He looked dead at me and told me to relax and that we were connected. He then said there would be more and to be ready. I said hey Mr. Are you all right in the head? He said of course which didn;t really put my mind at ease.

To make this short,he visited me in my dreams and showed me what was my family. I also saw where they were in the world today if all of them were still here. At that point I have had a mind connection with them and it has been a most wild ride. I have learned much and have more psychic ability now as well.