Black Dahlia Faery Princess

Black Dahlia Faery Princess

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Black Dahlia Faery Princess

I received this piece as a gift from a realm that is only approachable in the deepest streams of REM sleep. After a long week of work, night classes, bad friends, and ailing family members, the weekend has become my most sought after serenity. Not only because I don't have do anything except for what I want do, but because this is a time I can catch up on my much needed and well deserved rest. I HEAR THAT STEVE!!!!!

It was one such weekend that I visited the realm of the Black Dahlia Forest. Now, like I've said before, it is only approachable via a channel of dreams that occurs during REM sleep. This type of sleep takes over about fifteen minutes after you fall asleep and varies in lengths of time. If you are experienced and you know how to catch the rift correctly, you can use this sleep as a dream portal into realms that are far and beyond our own.

It also was a huge helped that I had obtained a dream oracle as a means of helping me prolong and master my dreaming. Long story short, I was able to use REM sleep as a means of visiting realms that that exist parallel to our own. While there were lots of fun places that I have visited, there were none quite as majestic or mysteriously beautiful as the Black Dahlia Forest. It is from this forest that the piece I am offering you has come from.

The Black Dahlia Forest is a portal that was created by a hybrid nation of faeries that were seeking refuge during a battle of good versus evil in the times that preceded all existence, even Jurassic existence. During this immense battle, the faeries were afraid they were going to lose power, so the King created a realm for his only daughter to rule over. As a parting gift he provided her with a magical dahlia, which would guide her path and watch over her while he remained here, at war.

The Dahlia was planted in the new realm and quickly began to dominate the realm, turning it into a mystical hot spot. However, when the king succumbed during battle, the princess was filled with grief for a period of time. She was thrown into a deep a funk and all the dahlias in her new realm were turned black. As a result, all the dahlias in her kingdom became a hybrid source of dual core magic, a magic that is both dark and light.

The piece that you see here holds the power of the Black Dahlia from the realm known as the Black Dahlia Forest. The deepest darkest parts of my mind are what allowed me to utilize my sleep to travel to the Black Dahlia Forest. While I was there I gained favor with the Black Dahlia Princess, the new ruler of the realm. She gifted me with this piece that holds the essence of one of her original Black Dahlias from her forest of magic.

This piece will give you the secret of her brand of dual core magic from her magical Black Dahlia Forest. Wear this piece around your neck and you will call upon the spirit found in the Black Dahlia, and obtain its secrets of magic and mystique. You will be given the answers to all things associated with both forms of magic that are dark and light. In this manner you will be powerfully influenced by the balance of good and evil. You will be able to perform spells, enchantment, rites, and rituals from both.

Additionally, you will receive the divine spiritual protection of the Black Dahlia Father, who will lead your path towards success and ward off the evil and wicked. He will give you wealth and spiritual understanding. You will be able to mature in your spirituality. On a separate note, if you are trying my REM technique above and cannot quite master it, we have dream oracles available. All you have to do is ask and we can hook you up. Not sure what a dream oracle is? Check our website, it is on there.

This power is only available for a limited time. It is sure to be gone fast, and you should definitely reserve this piece for yourself if there is a slight breezing of desire.