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The Ummah Brotherhood

When it comes to political upheaval and nations find themselves in trouble, it is often times difficult to understand exactly what is going on, except for what they government tells you; and don't trust your government, they are just people with a lot of money and influence. They are not saintly beings. Anyway, this person says one thing, that person says another and pretty soon all types of haywire messages are conveyed. This is the case with the current upheaval and uprising in Egypt.

However, there doesn't have to be confusion, because I have the answer for you. The answer lies in the piece that you see here, which is an original pieces that comes from a Muslim diviner who makes holy pieces that help Muslims to wage jihad. By jihad, I mean holy war. This term has become all to familiar in the wake of the the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States.

I'm not talking about a physical Jihad, though. There will be no flying planes into towers, or suicide bombers, or car bombers, or anything like that. Nope. This is going to be a strictly spiritual Jihad it has been begun in Egypt. Now, depending on your viewpoints, this can be either bad or good. I just want to say I'm indifferent and I am only here to offer the powers that I have come across as result of the spiritual Jihad.

Here's what's going on. A top secret fraternity of the Muslim elite, including extended relatives of the Saudi Royal Family, scientists from the the Iranian Uranium enrichment programs, and multiple other influences from across many Muslim territories. This covert group is known simply as The Ummah Brotherhood. The brotherhood's top secret objective is to crowd the minds of the world with rubbish, so that way they can silently take over the minds of the worlds citizens one by measly one. The plan is to establish one massive Islamic regime-- in an essence a one world religion.

The leaders of the Brotherhood have been able to obtain their powers by magical means, summoning the spirits of the most majestic Malaikah. Malaikah is a Muslim brand of angels that are very powerful and help to rule the spiritual kingdom and the afterlife. With the power of these most potent angels, they obtained a sacred indoctrination from the holy prophet Mohamed. The indoctrination was then made into a holographic manuscript that gave the Brotherhood an mystical powers. Certain pieces to open the spiritual concave were designated, and one of them fell into my possession.

The piece that you see here will project that same holographic image for you. You will be able to walk among and ancient hall of records and manuscripts. You will gain the ability of divine mind control as set forth by Allah himself. This power is actually a manipulation of Allah's ability to take and dive free as he deems is necessary.

You will gain the power of spiritual cleansing and clearing. You can think of this kind of like an alcohol pad for you soul. This power is potent and is the real deal. It will rid you of any blemishes or uncontrolled messy spots on your soul and/or karma.

Everyone is fighting their own spiritual Jihad every single day. Allow this piece to help you. It will bring you a legion of your own very powerful angels. This legion will help you to be successful in all of your spiritual and mystical endeavors. They will give you the power of an ancient white magic that will help you peacefully coexist as well as cast white power spells and charms. They will ward off and provide protection against demons, witches, evil magicians, Voodooism etc.

This piece is very powerful and it's current. It will allow you to perform the magic that the brotherhood is using to gain control in Egypt as we speak. This power can be yours now.