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Gems of the Pedro Mummy

“Pedro,” as he has been nicknamed, is one of the most famous enigmatic human remains ever found. He was discovered by gold prospectors in 1932 when they were dynamiting through the canyons of the Pedro Mountains, which rise about 60 miles southwest of Casper, Wyoming.

There he was, sitting cross-legged on a ledge with his hands resting serenely in his lap. He was completely mummified. What’s astonishing, however, is that this middle-aged-looking man appeared to be only 14 inches tall!

The thought was that it might not have been an adult at all. Although the mummy has been lost, X-rays survive and one modern analysis concluded that Pedro was actually an infant, or even a fetus, that might have been afflicted with the disease anencephaly.

We were on the road traveling when Steve noticed a sign which noted the mummy; we decided to check things out.

There was a small museum that allocated information about "Pedro" and gave insight into the researchers and excavators who found his remains while searching for gold.

We recognized the photo of one of the men who was shown as one of the discoverers. This man looked like the man who was at the convenience store that we stopped at a few miles back.

Although it was out of the way, we wanted to go back and question the old man about what he could recall from the day they discovered Pedro's remains. The man was free to talk, as the store was empty -- and he let us know that it was his father who was in that picture; he was excited to tell us the tale he heard of that day!

While looking for riches, in hopes of gold, his father came across several pieces of majestic jewels; he thought for sure he was going to soon hit the jackpot --- as he dug deeper he started to uncover the hardened cast that showcased Pedro --- it was an invigorating moment and he said that his dad shivered when he would talk about his experience that day.

The pieces that his dad found right before Pedro was unveiled were shadowed in the mass interest that was exuded from the discovery.

The items that were found were kept by his dad as a momentum of the day -- we asked if we would be able to see the pieces and told him about our business and what we do.

He had someone coming to take over the store in an hour and said that we could follow him home to see the items because he had them now that his father had passed on.

We traveled to Williams home and saw 4 extraordinary gems that have been in his family for almost 80 years. He loved the story that was told to him and the joy that the pieces brought to his father, but he had no idea that they held incredible powers.

Deedee was drawn to the energies that emerged immediately from the stones --- we asked if he would sell any of these pieces --- he was hesitant and declined, but we left a card with him in case he ever changed his mind.

A year and a half passed since our trip when out of the blue we got a call at the office from William, his health was declining and he realized that no one in his family was remotely interested in the gems and so he called to see if Deedee was still interested in purchasing them.

They made a deal on 3 of the 4 stones and we were so excited to get them in the office and test them. William decided last minute to keep one in the family.

The 3 stones we received hold powers of projectile creation, detonation, enhanced beauty and bodily tension. Pedro's energies are within these pieces and that is where the power has come from.

Once these items are bonded fully they may infuse other majestic abilities to the owner --- our discoveries are amazing though and they are incredible pieces that we have set into settings so you can wear the pieces and bond with them and not have to worry about losing them by just keeping them in your pocket~

Don't get yourself wrapped up by missing out on these mummified powerful pieces with energized gems!