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The origins of the piece that I we are offering have to remain anonymous, simply due to the nature of the person involved. They actually found us on the website and came into contact with us. They wanted to schedule a meeting with us because they held an original artifact that holds ancient powers. It is not an ancient piece, but the power that has been set into came from a shaman who is immortal. He is from a place called New Guinea, which in some areas is still very primitive. By primitive I mean they still run around in grass skirts with spears. They also still partake in cannibalism, which they do for several reasons. From a cultural standpoint, most researchers attribute this to be a form of survival instincts. According to our source this is much more.

Our source tells us that deep inside the jungle, where nobody except natives have ever been there is a cave, with a name that would be the English Equivalent of the cave of skulls. In this cave is where ritualistic sacrifice and cannibalism takes place. It seems as though it's not enough to simply conquer your enemy, but if you take your enemy to this place called the cave of skulls, cook him, and eat him, you can trap his soul into a Talisman when you are done. You thereby gain all of his talent, effort, magical powers if he had any, etc. Most people would think this is very superstitious and we may have even dismissed it ourselves, had it not been for the item that was provided to us. It is an original and holds the presence of over a dozen souls, each with a different magical power or ability.

We are keeping the original for ourselves, for preservation purposes. As such, we have created a piece with duplicate powers in it. This piece holds twelve powers that were made by a cannibal in New Zealand in the Cave of Skulls during a ritual cannibalism ceremony. The powers that you get are as follows:

-increased speed

-increase agility

-the ability to read the minds of other people

-the ability to be able to control the weather

-the ability to be to see spirits and to communicate with them

-the ability to astral travel to the realm of gods

-the ability to gain the knowledge of star maps

-the ability to become invisible

-the ability to cast any spell using elemental powers

-the ability to see into the future using fire

-the ability to cast levitation spells that will temporarily raise the dead

-the ability to bi locate yourself for astral projection

After all of these powers are taken into consideration, this is very powerful item that we are offering. However, there is one more thing. This piece allows you to actually collect more souls. You don't have to cook and eat anybody to do this, though. Rather, all you will be require to do is locate the soul that you want to collect. You can do this through conjuring or however you want. With this piece, you will even be able to tell if there are souls in the atmosphere around you. It will tell you what powers they have, etc. Either way, when you locate a soul that you want to collect, this piece will reel it in for you and add it to your collection. You will then gain their power in addition to the ones you are already gaining, simply through using this piece!!