29th Journey--  Columbia's Final Destination
29th Journey--  Columbia's Final Destination

29th Journey-- Columbia's Final Destination

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It's sad to say, but things happen for a reason.  Most of the times these reasons are unknown to the people to which they are happening.  Take for instance, the crew of the Columbia.  They had just embarked upon one of the most exciting journeys of their lives.  They flew in the Columbia space shuttle, they were up in space doing research, they got to stay in space for a while.  They made contact with an alien life form (more on that in a bit).  Then, on their way back into Earth's atmosphere, their shuttle, which had been on 28 previous missions just disintegrated like snow on a sunny day.  
Well, there is a reason for this folks.  It is a highly classified undocumented reason.  As I'm sure you noticed I kind of slipped the contact with an alien life form into the list of routine things that astronauts don.  Well, this is because these types of rendezvous are pretty common for the people in the orange jumpsuits.  They say that they were staying at an international spacestation, but in all reality it is an intergalactic spacestation.  
This particular journey wasn't just a journey for NASA to develop more research.  Rather, the whole point of the mission was to meet up with a very highly advanced race of galactic beings who were supposed to give the astronauts aboard the Columbia a very coveted relic.  Well, the astronauts got the relic and it was ejected somewhere over the state of Texas.  Moments later, the Columbia exploded.  
People mourned this terrible and tragic accident, but in all actuality, this happening wasn't an accident at all.  Rather, it was done intentionally by the government.  They couldn't have their important information getting out.  The technology that was onboard the Columbia was going to change everything!!  Or was it?  Karma would take its turn and the government actually lost track of where the alien tech landed in Texas.  Multiple reconnaissance efforts have been made, but no technology has ever turned up.  We staged our own investigation into the whereabouts of the lost technology.  Our investigation was successful, to say the least.  We fully recovered the alien technology that was eject from the Columbia.  
It took a while to test this technology, which is why we have been holding onto it for over the last two years.  The power in this technology is very strong, which is how we were able to find it.  It gave us an immediate psychic connection to it.  It had us wondering how the government was never able to find it, or somebody else for that matter.  Then again, our psychic abilities combined are very special and very strong.  Either way, we got the alien technology, which was very small.  It came in the form of some really bizarre looking mechanical thing.  We have kept the original for further research.  We transferred the power from this machine into the piece that we are offering.  
This piece allows you complete control over your destiny.  The alien lifeform that has provided this piece didn't really know what destiny was.  He has always had this piece and so do the rest of the aliens like him.  They completely control what their destiny holds.  They can pretty much dictate how their life is going to play out, which is a pretty good thing given that they are immortal.  With this piece you will be able to create your own future.  Anything that you want to write into your destiny and your future you can.  It doesn't matter is this is love or wealth, whether you want to become famous, or you simply want a family.  This piece will create whatever it is you want, and set it into your future, no questions asked.