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Yihequan, which can be translated as the righteous and harmonious fists was a society that existed around the turn of the 19 Century.  They lived in China, practicing their ancient rituals of martial arts and the magic that accompanies that.  As time progressed and travel became more and more accommodating, Christian missionaries and other nationals began pressing into areas of China.  These missionaries made converts out of many of the Chinese, who were generally poor.  The wealthier Christians had the means to provide a happy life for them if they would convert, which is why many of them did.  
These same missionaries began to pressure local authorities into making Christianity mandatory and that is when the problems began.  A rebellion was started by Yihequan, which began pushing foreigners out of their territories, eventually burning down churches, destroying missions, and killing a Christians, even the Chinese Christians.  They earned the name Boxers because of their mixed martial arts fighting style.  
To supplement their "mortal Kombat" style of fighting, Yihequah incorporated many different types of magic.  This magic included spells that they would cast upon the enemy, health spells that they would cast upon themselves, and calling upon the sacred ancients to help them during battles.  Christians viewed this magic as evil, of course, saying it was a fallacy.  If that was the case, explain to me how a group of unarmed Chinese people made such a stir using only their fists.  The death total rose to 100,000.    
Regardless, the point is that the magic the Yihequan practiced was very real.  It is an ancient art that has been passed down through Chinese mystery schools for centuries.  It is just that they are the first group to openly use the magic that was taught to them.  It makes no difference, because people still think they are hokey.  Yihequan was supposedly disbanded following the Boxer Rebellion, but this is not the case.  They still have factions through China that are kept better hidden than the Masonic Lodges that exist there.  
These factions still practiced the same magic as they did when they were using it to rid their country of the oppression of foreign Christians in their country.  This magic is very powerful, as it summons energy directly from the Jade Emperor.  The Jade Emperor is the supreme deity of the most of the Chinese religion.  He rules over all powers and can pretty much grant whatever is asked for.  The piece that we are offering was recovered by Adita, who has ties in this to the society through her brother.  
This piece has been endowed with several different types of magic.  The first is white light healing. It is placed in this piece and comes from ancient Oriental practices that have been around since the beginning of time.  This healing is not just physical, but is also mental and spiritual as well.  This piece gives you a full blown psychic awakening to where you will be able to read the minds of others, control the minds of others, and astral travel to multiple different realms through Out of Body experiences.  This piece will also bring you the powers and abilities of your spirit guide animal, which is a spirit guide that is attached to us at birth.  Depending on what your spirit guide is, you will gain different types of powers.  The important thing is that your spirit guide will show itself to you in full spiritual form and you can ask it anything.  It will show you what you have to do obtain the things you want to come true in your life.  For instance, if you want wealth, it will give you a spell for wealth.  Whatever you need, this piece is very powerful in all that it can do.