Leopard Society
Leopard Society

Leopard Society

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Here's the thing.  History can only tell you what history knows.  If you want more information than that, you just have to go find out for yourself.  We did not go on this investigation personally, but we had people are affiliated with Haunted Curiosities go on the investigation, to send us what they found.  Therefore, when I say "we" this is what I mean.  
On the coast of West African exists a secret society.  The existence of this society was not "discovered" until the beginning to middle of the 20th Century.  These were they colonial days of Africa, when everyone was vying for property.  The natives to the land were still very much primal, as they have not advanced as quickly as other countries have.  Some places on the continent of Africa are still a bit wild, but things have at least begun to catch up.  
In those colonial days there existed a secret society among the natives.  White people that came to the land would call them the Leopard Society.  They were centered in West Africa in places such as Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, and Nigeria.  The members of this society gained notoriety for waylaying travelers with their sharp claw-like weapons, dressed in leopard skins.  The flesh of the society's victims would them be cut from their bodies and distributed to members of the society.  In eating human meat, the society believed they, as well as their tribes, would get stronger.  
Bits and pieces the human remains were also taken and used in primordial rituals that gave the society a very unique power.  First, it allowed them to ingest any power and ability from the person whom they were eating.  For instance, if they ate a witch they would gain all of her knowledge of magic, so on and so forth.  
A second power that came from their rituals was their ability to shape-shift into any being that they chose.  Remember, the ancient African rituals and magic were the ones that were brought to American and called Voodoo.  How much more powerful are the original, then?  They are a ton more powerful, but you don't have to take my word for it.  
This piece was recovered from the Leopard Society and has been made using a human flesh rituals.  It has been given power by the gods who have found the offering acceptable.  What this piece does for you is what I have already explained, except you will not have to go around eating people.  This piece will allow you to pull Powers, abilities, and magic from the energetic fields that surround others.  This is how you gain their abilities.  As for the shape-shifting?  It will remain the same. You gain the ability to shape-shift into anything that you choose, even if this is another human being.  The choice is up to you and power is yours.  The possibilities are endless with this piece.