Nephilim Bone
Nephilim Bone

Nephilim Bone

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In 2014 images were accidentally released that were taken by NASA's Curiosity rover.  It was the latest in a long line of bizarre photos that have been surfacing on the internet.  This one, however, was never meant to surface at all, but was somehow leaked by NASA and later covered up by the agency who claimed the image that was being seen was merely an "odd-shaped" rock.  It doesn't matter what side of the argument you are on, the piece that I have will prove once and for all that the item in the picture is definitely NOT a rock.
If you look at the picture, it doesn't a brainiac to figure out that the item in question is definitely some sort of thigh bone.  What kind of thigh bone is it then?  It looks to large and doesn't match, perfectly, the shape of a human.  Little know to the public (of America or the world for that matter) is the fact that NASA brought back sever fragments of this so-called rock for testing.  After determining that the bone was more than what they bargained for, the bone was ground up and put into the making of jewelry.  This was done to hide the evidence but to the keep the power.  
There were all together five pieces made.  Two of them have gone missing from a secret padlocked room at NASA headquarters. We have one of them and have no idea where the other one is at.  Okay, so now down to the interesting part?  What kind of bone was it?  
As we all know Nephilim were the sons of fallen angels.  They exhibited great powers, because they held all the powers that were once their fathers'.  Their fathers fell from Heaven, so it makes sense how powerful they would.  During the Great Deluge a few of them got together and were able to make a portal to slip through to neighboring planet Mars.  They didn't survive long on this planet.  Let's not forget they were half human, too.  The bone that was seen was a bone of one of the Nephilim who died, not realizing they wouldn't be able to survive on Mars.  
By this logic, the piece we have contains ground up Nephilim bone.  It allows you to perform miracles such as mental, physical, and spiritual healing.  It allows you to take the form of an angel and travel to Heaven.  It will white light psychic awakening, as well as a host of white light spells that you can cast using only a thought form.  These spells correspond to different powers that you will figure out when you use them, such as wealth, love, seduction, etc.  There are too many to list, but you will not be disappointed.  The ability to leave your body in the form of an angel is powerful enough to make this item worth it.  If you are a white-lighter then this piece is definitely the one for you!