Ai Bang Yu-- Thailand's Finest
Ai Bang Yu-- Thailand's Finest

Ai Bang Yu-- Thailand's Finest

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Before I get into her back story.  I'd like to also say that this woman is a witch of many magics and she will bring you this as well as the sexual endeavors that she offers.  The magic she taught herself while still in Thailand.  
I'm not really one to judge, but if you were to say that Gina was from Bangkok, I'd understand where you were coming from.  In fact, that's not all she liked to bang.  Let's back up here, though.  Let me give you the full story.  
First of all, we got this piece at an estate sale, after experience heavy-- and I mean intense-- sexual vibes from it.  Deedee noticed it first and called me over to pick it up out of a lot that just lying about in the grass.  The minute it even made contact with my bare skin, I could feel orgasms in my finger tips.  It's really unlike anything I've ever felt before in my entire life. 
She has a name that I cannot pronounce properly, let alone try to spell.  Her mother was always proper, she told me this.  She would wake up in the morning and go to clean houses in high heals.  She cleaned for the wealthier white colonists, who never had any idea what she was doing.  They paid well, though because they were too lazy to clean for themselves.  
Her father on the other hand, he was a complete tragedy.  He dealt with drug lords and other types of criminals on a regular basis.  He had an affinity for coke and got himself in trouble with people constantly, which is why the mother had to work so fervently.  He dealt minor drugs to locals, but other than that he was pretty much just a waste of space. 
In fact, it was because of her father that Gina had her first sexual encounter.  I mean, it was like she was 12 years old or anything.  It also wasn't like she was being taken advantage of, either. More like the other way around.  She had come home one night after being out with one of her friends.  Of course, her mother was stuck pulling a double shift.  Her father and his friend were high out of their minds.  
The young girl, probably like sixteen, began to experiment with her father's friends who had passed out in an adjacent room.  The fact that he was number from the amount of drugs were in his system didn't stop Gina from taking full advantage of him.  She was desperately curious at an age that most girls are. 
Her father, who was also passed out, woke up when she and his friend were just about finished doing the deed.  Her father's friend was very numb to anything at this point and was just along for the ride. Her father noticed what was going on and threatened to kill the man, who was already half dead in the first place.  The man had no idea what was going on and the father actually went through with the threat.  
Needless to say the father went to prison and the man who he killed was some type of drug lord.  The young girl and her mother were whisked away from their home in their country and brought here to assure that they'd have a safe living environment.  Those drug dealers aren't so forgiving.  This is where the young Thai girl picked up the name Gina.  It was somewhere outside of a truck stop.  They had no other means for money, so the mother worked whatever odd cleaning jobs she could get.  Gina?  Well she kept busy all day and well into the night.  Her mother didn't know about Gina's past time or where she got all of her incomes.  Everyone else knew who Gina was, giving her the nickname the Asian Persuasion. 
As time progressed Gina became more and more successful in her endeavors.  She eventually moved up in the world, becoming a nude dancer instead of a hooker.  There wasn't a guy in town who wouldn't pay to see her strip.  She has a body like none other and she knows how to move it.  Despite not being a hooker, she still loved sex, though.  Damn, how she loved sex.  It was like she couldn't live without it.  Nymphomania was a understatement; and just because she wasn't getting paid for it anymore, doesn't mean she didn't receive proper dues.  She has charmed plenty a man into giving her whatever she wanted.  Hotel rooms, vacations, trips to the Casino, cars, whatever she wanted she got.  It's not like her duties weren't worth the deed.  
After Gina's mom died, Gina moved to Vegas, where being a hooker is legal and she ran a brother for a while.  She said out of all things she's ever done she enjoyed being a madame the most, mostly because when guys (or girls) came in for a walk-in appointment she got to keep the hottest ones for herself.  She taught all of her customers the Thai Kama Sutra, taught them numerous sex positions and always left them begging for more, which is good if you're getting paid by the hour, not by the session.  
Gina met a tragic end when she was abducted by a serial rapist and left in the trunk of a car for dead.  The only thing remaining of Gina and her super-sexual legacy is this ring.  This is the ring that her mother gave her when she was on her death bead.  It holds a picture of Gina in a younger age. This is the item that Gina's soul became attached to and it is the item we are offering.  
Even in her spiritual life, Gina loves sex.  She has become freaky little sex spirit and will come to you in whatever form you want her to take.  She has that ability, since she is a full spirit form.  Whether you are into BDSM or you want someone to hose you down with chocolate and lick it off.  If you want tied up  If you want sweet and sensual.  If you want it slow, if you want it rough.  If you wan oral sex, that's no problem.  When you use this pie Gina comes to you in full spiritual form.  She will deliver astral orgasms to you, which will be please unlike anything you've ever felt.  It will literally feel like you've died and gone to sexual Heaven.  Don't question it just go with it.  When she's giving you pleasure you will find out that she has discovered a way to give guys multiple orgasms, that way they can be sexually satisfied as well as the ladies.  This is the ultimate sex spirit piece.  You swill not be able to draw any parallels at all.  The sex is just that good.