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It today's society efforts of humanitarianism spread across the globe.  Listen, I believe in helping our own country before going and helping others, I really do.  Having said that, there'll always be that one person who says, "Well it can't really be that bad..."  I would simply tell that person that they haven't been in a lot of these circumstances and situations as the others have.  Most of the Western world enjoys a strong democracy, despite what they may think.  In some countries, such as North Korea, this is not the case.  
Several defectors of the North Korean government have described themselves as being witnesses to cases of terrible human experimentation.  One given example includes 50 women who were fed poisoned cabbage leaves.  They were all dead within 20 minutes.  Still others have described experiments including the practice of surgery on prisoners without anesthesia.  They starve people on purpose just to see the effects of starvation.  They beat prisoners over the head until they are brain dead, then use them as human target practice.  There are even instances when entire families are murdered with in chambers with suffocation gas!  Folks, this is the same things the Nazis were doing when they were tried as being war criminals.  
As is always the case, we have been able to dig deeper into one of the projects in North Korea that is undertaken by the head honcho in all his chubby-faced glory.  Aside from killing off members of his own society, he is also bringing them back to life.  He isn't doing this because he is genuinely a nice guy.  He is a tyrant and should be dealt with as such.  Instead, he has conjured ancient Oriental magic that was set into the aree that became Korea.  This magic was brought to the region by the Mongols, way back when the expanse of the Mongolian empire covered all of Asia and even some of Europe.  This magic is of the ancient orient and was given to the mortals by the gods.  These powers have been resurrected by a group of monks that were ordered to do so by the Kim Dynasty.  
The power is an ancient craft of necromancy that involves raising the deceased from their graves, to use them as zombies, just not the same kind of zombie that you are thinking of.  By zombie, I mean the original context of zombies, where a dead body is raised with spells that force the dead body to obey the orders of the person who raised it.  I'm not talking about brain eating undead creatures that moan like morons.  Rather, these types of zombies are very intelligent.  They hold all of the intelligence they had when they were alive, plus more because they have crossed over into death and hold powers that were given to them when they experience the after life.  
However, these powers have been used, of course, in a very wrong and deadly kind of way.  Instead of using the powers to gain remote control over bodies, in order to carry out assassinations and other operations, Kim Jun Un has created an entire army of undead creatures who you wish would be more like zombies.  Instead, they remind you more of Vampires, but they aren't necessarily vampires.  And they aren't necessarily demons.  And the aren't necessarily alive.  In fact, I don't even really know what to call them.  However, there are a bunch of them.  This is how I know.  One of the defectors said they'd send a van out once per week.  It was an all black van.  The people in the villages called in the Crow.  The Crow's inhabitants would get out of the van and lurk the villages for people.  They scoop up about 40 or 50 at a time and transport them to secret confines.  The confines are so secret that not even the defectors know the location.  
What the defectors do know is that there is an underground bunker where all the bodies who are raised from the dead are kept.  Most of them are unruly and cannot be commanded to do anything, not even with the remote control pieces that were developed by the Kim Dynasty to control them.  There are few exceptions to this, you will find out, such as the piece we are offering.  For the most part though, these observations are accurate.  This is why North Korea always thinks they are going to be us at war.  They scores of these prisoner getting to release into the world like a massive Pandoras box.  Again, I'm not really sure what to call them other than entities.  They aren't really zombies but they aren't really vampires or demons either.  They are simply undead who want to wreak havoc on the world as we know it.  What the North Koreans are too small minded to realize is that if they release them, they are going to attack North Korea, too.... but, whatever. Let them be dummies I guess.  
As proof, when we met up with one of the defectors he brought us this piece.  This piece is a remote control over one of the undead, who is actually quite docile.  I mean, she had a bit of an attitude, but other than that she is alright.  She has many powers that she will share with you, such as being able to see into the future.  She was dead for a long time before she was raised again, so she also has a form of oriental magic that will allow her to cast spells on your behalf.  Any kind of spell that you need whether love, wealth, revenge, longevity, sexual, protection, revenge, etc.  In additional, she will allow you to travel to the Underworld to see it as it actually exists.  This isn't Hell but rather a city of the Dead, where souls live sometimes, on their journey to their eternity.  She allows you to bilocate yourself because you will be able to see through her eyes any time you want to, as she has already escaped from North Korea's hold.  She will only come to you in spiritual form, because her physical form could be at any given location.  However, when you summon her for a spell  or one of her powers, she will come to you in full metaphysical form and grant what you request of her.