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Sometimes the most powerful piece come when we least expect it.  For example, when we were exploring a local abandoned mental asylum.  I'm not going to go into detail about where the asylum is located.  This is for too reasons.  I feel like people could seriously get hurt by encountered the wrong type of beings.  The second reason is that No Trespassing signs are posted all over the land and I don't really want to self-incriminate our operation.  Either way, we entered the asylum.  There was a slight draft and the place smelled like a dank basement.  We could feel the souls floating through the air, but none of them came to us in full form, probably because they were too afraid to show themselves to us, because the evil that lurked there threatened them.  To make a long story short, we ended up exploring the building in its entirety.  It was in the basement that we discovered a secret opening to a chamber. It is from this chamber that we are offering you this piece.  As soon as we passed through, into the hidden chamber, we could tell that there was something not right about the place.  Someone-- or something-- had been using this chamber as their own personal kind of ritualistic hiding spot.  
As we opened the chamber, we stood there, with out mouths hanging open.  There wasn't too much that could come to mind that would make what we were seeing any less of blow.  In the corner of the room that we had stumble upon was an altar.  It wasn't a makeshift altar, either.  We could tell that whomever was here had been using this altar for quite some time.  This wasn't their first rodeo.  We were frozen, captivated by what we saw laying out before us.  
A step or two closer to the altar made the dish of blood that was present visible to us.  The light was low in the room, so we had to squint to see anything really.  The blood was fresh, not congealed, so it is safe to say that at this point the blood was relatively fresh, the product of a recent blood sacrifice that had taken place.  
There were three small candles on the altar, which was quite inglorious but I guess served the purpose.  On the wall was a duplicate copy of the painting La Raison.  La Raison is a painting that is on display in the National Museum in Paris.  It is done by Darcis and captures the spirit of the bloody French Revolution.  The painting is symbolic of the unholy Trinity of Lucifer.  This trinity includes the Father (depicted by a Lion), the Mother (Earth goddess), and Son (all seeing eye).
The purpose of the Trinity is that it is set up to be a direct, but opposite version of the Holy Trinity of God.  The Holy Trinity is said to be the Father, the Holy Ghost, and God the son.  The Unholy Trinity directly correlates to the powers of this trinity, but in a darker, sinister way.  There is Lucifer who is the dark father.  There is the Goddess who spreads his will to the Earth like the Holy Ghost brings the powers of God.  Then there is the son, the all seeing Eye.  He sees all, just as Jesus sees all sitting upon his throne.  
What does this all mean?  Well for starters, the three candles were capturing the essence of the Unholy Trinity.  The light of the candles was setting this energy into the blood sacrifice.  The blood contained one item.  It is the item we are offering.  This piece was washed in the blood of the Unholy Trinity.  This is why when we took the piece from the altar we blasted it with white light galore.  The result was that the piece that remains is not dark or white light, but rather it's dual.  
This piece embodies the knowledge of Satan in his angelic form.  Like I said, this is dual in nature, because Satan is an angel, but he the angel of darkness.  This gives you all of his knowledge.  It gives you all of his knowledge before he fell upon the Earth.  This is the knowledge of all things white light.  It will give you an unlimited knowledge that will be given to you directly from the mind of God.  These are all the secrets of the Bible that has been written in Holy code under the divine influence of the Holy Ghost, which possesses people to write the holy scriptures.  These secrets will come in many forms-- special powers, sacred abilities, the ability to see and understand things that normal mortals would not, the ability to conjure and create angels, the ability to receive the prophecies of the End Times, which will play for you in visions as though you were watching them on a flat screen television.  
On the opposite end of the spectrum, you will receive all of Lucifer's knowledge and powers from after the fall, from the time when he began his rule upon the throne of darkness.  This means you will also have the knowledge of dark magic, dark spells, the ability cast revenge upon both the living and unliving, the ability control people's minds, to trick and beguile such as he did to Adam and Eve.  This will also give you an account of history from his perspective, allowing you to see all of his plans that he is making to stage a massive takeover at the End of Time, when the final war between good and evil will be fought on Earth.  This will give you the knowledge of 666, the Beast, the mark of the Beast, and will even show you the face of the False Prophet.  How you use this knowledge and what you choose to do with it is entirely up to you.  You must know that the powers in this item are 100% dual, meaning you can either direction with them.  Having said that, you can use this piece to get the full experience without fear that it might harm you or take over you body in some way, because we have cast into it a protection spell that will not allow this.  We have test this piece time and time again to make sure that this protection spell is effective and we guarantee that it will keep you safe.