Versailles Timeslip
Versailles Timeslip

Versailles Timeslip

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We traveled to France to make this piece.  Well, we didn't travel to France just to make this piece, but we figured that we might as well visit Versailles to see for ourselves.  The piece was made on our most previous trip to France when we traveled there this past January, a month ago.  
We stopped in Versailles because we found something that piqued our interest.  It is called the Versailles Time Slip.  The Time Slip was officially discovered by headmistress Eleanor Jourdain and college principal Annie Moberley.  In 190a the pair were having a stroll through the gardens at the Palace of Versailles, searching for a building called the Trianon.  
All was normal, it was a lovely day, until suddenly the people around them began to appear weird.  By weird I mean different.  For instance, there were people wearing strange clothes.  They were the clothes of those people who lived in the 18th Century in pre-Revolution France.  They came across a man with smallpox scars sitting on the steps of a summer house.  These scars were very common to the time period, as fresh outbreaks were occurring.   Finally, what really throws the whole thing over the fence is the fact that Annie saw a young woman, who bore a striking resemblance to that of Marie Antoinette, sketching a picture of in the Petite Trianon.  The Petite Trianon is a place to where Marie Antoinette would often escape, to flee the pressures of family life.
After these two ladies came forward with their weird experience in the Time Slip, many other came forward to.  Some just didn't think anything of it.  Others said they were afraid to sound like they were crazy.  You have to remember people, the turn of the 19th Century was a time when most people were extremely religious.  Any mention of the paranormal or supernatural was considered taboo.  People got shunned for the mere mention of things such as these, let alone admitting they had their own experience.  However, the two women were more celebrated than considered crazy.  Many people tried replicate the exact positioning of the ladies on the day that they experienced the Time-Slip, but none of them ever actually could.  
When we showed up, we were on a mission.  We knew were called to other orders of business, so we didn't have long to experience the Time Slip ourselves.  It was a do or die situation.  We showed up and sat roughly where the women from over 100 years ago were sitting.  We began to channel off of each other's energies.  It was Deedee, Lindy, and myself.  We all have psychic abilities to begin with.  As we sat their channeling our energy, we began to notice a feeling of difference.  Our surroundings began to change and we soon found ourselves seat at the a Last Supper.  It was like we were there, but nobody else could see that we were there.  We weren't a fly on the wall as much as we were simply invisible.  We watched the whole supper go by, as Jesus told his disciples of his impending death.  Then, the scenery began to change and we were taken to a chamber deep inside of the pyramids.  It wasn't the one that you seen in the videos.  That was the Sphinx's paw.  When we were taken to the pyramid, we were shown a secret crypt of a mummy not yet discovered.  This Pharaoh had immense power and a wealth of gold and treasures.  We did not disturb anything, because we didn't want to upset any curse that may have been set on the chamber.  Our surroundings changed yet again and we were given seats at the ancient Council of Atlantis, where the Elders convened to develop new powers and abilities.  We were able behold the faces of the Atlanteans as they conjured energies from far away realms, bringing them to Earth, to create their own version of Extraterrestrial and otherworldly powers.  They create amulets that I'm assuming were going to be distributed to the people.  
We didn't have time to take any of the Atlantean amulets, because our surroundings began to shift again and we found ourselves back in our original position, sitting outside of the Petite Trianon.  None of seem exhausted and Deedee checked her phone.  Not a minute had gone by since our experience began.  Strange, right?  This is when Lindy noticed a burning sensation in her leg.  She stuck her hands in her pockets and they came out clutching a piece she forgot she had been holding in her pockets.  We tested the piece and sure enough, it holds all the powers of the timeslip.  With this piece, you can experience the timeslip for yourself.  It will take you to faraway places, in faraway times.  It will take you to places that will be able to obtain more powers, such as secret tombs or the council of Atlantis.  It will allow you to travel in time to experience things that you never thought were possible.  It will give you protection for your journeys and see to it that you return safe.