The Dactyls of Phrygia 4 Women
The Dactyls of Phrygia 4 Women
The Dactyls of Phrygia 4 Women
The Dactyls of Phrygia 4 Women

The Dactyls of Phrygia 4 Women

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This one is for the women. This is in 14k gold with 25 Diamonds. 
Nobody is sure how many there are. It could be hundreds, or it could be as few as ten.  Their numbers are unknowns, simply because their presence was vastly unknown.  They were secret sorcerers who did their magic in the shadows.  They belonged to a sacred order of scientific magician that originated in Phrygia in ancient times.  They are the Dactyls.  

These Dactyls have been mentioned by people such as Pausanias, Precydes, and Orpheus the Argonaut.  It seems that the likeness of this covert group has eluded the majority, because if you ask any of these three men how many of these powerful sorcerers existed, they would each give you a different number-- 10, 52, and a "great number," respectively.  
The fact is that these sorcerers are very powerful.  We have conjured ten of these sorcerers in blood ritual that has bound these ten sorcerers to the piece you are getting.  When you get your piece, you will activate it by placing a drop of your own blood on the item, allowing it to dry and them wearing it.  The number of days it takes for your piece to come to full fruition depends on the amount of magical knowledge that you possess.
When you piece comes into full action you will notice that the 10 Dactyls that you were set into this piece in the blood fusion are five sets of male and female.  This is because each pair-- male and female-- contain the exact same powers.  They will do what is called a power fusion, in which a offspring power is produced.  These offspring powers are the powers that are going to come to you for you to use.  There are five of them, accordingly, and they are:  
1.)  Knowledge of All Sacred Geometry-- this includes the reason why things are built in certain shapes, what this means to the gods and their cosmonogies, as well as the vast network of powers and magic that will be given to you in known such a harbored secret.  
2.)  Knowledge of All Sacred Numerology-- there is magic in numbers.  Not anybody is perfect at this and it is kind of hard to understand.  However, everything has a number-- there are 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year.  The Earth rotates one full time in a year.  There are divine ratios and sacred numerology in all of these that have been determined by a high power-- kind of like you would measure when building with would.  Besides the powers you will get via accessing these sacred number sequences, this will give you the ability to see your destiny and alter it to incorporate the things that you wish to be there.  
3.)  Sacred Alchemy-- this is not just alchemy of the physical sense, but also alchemy of the soul.  This allows you not only to transform physical things from one thing into some totally different, but also allows you to transform yourself into something you aren't  For instance, this piece will let you shape-shift into any creature in the living existence.  However, this piece will also let you transform into your soul form so you can travel the astral realms and pick up different types of powers and abilities along the way.  If you are really in tune with your body this piece will also allow you to transform into a living God.  What this means will be given to you on the day that you achieve it.  
4.)  Divine Conjuring-- there are many entities out there with powers of their own.  This piece allows you to reach those entities.  Mostly, this piece was designed to work with angels and demons.  I know that demons sound evil, but we have to keep the power balanced.  It is, after all a dual piece.  You can use the powers within for whatever purposes you choose.  This piece will conjure any type of entity, so you can access the powers and abilities they have.  
5.)  Eternal Wealth--  They say materialism is futile.  You can't take anything with you when you die, right?  Well, actually you can.  This item will bring you all the wealth that you could possibly imagine while you are in mortal form.  I'm talking about the kind of wealth that makes people notice things in your life are changing.  It will bring this wealth in many different forms from across many different areas of your life.  The best part about this piece is that when you die it turns your wealth in metaphysical energy and the wealth energy from your worldly riches will follow you whatever afterlife you are destine for.