Daiver-Logum; the Most Powerful Djinn
Daiver-Logum; the Most Powerful Djinn

Daiver-Logum; the Most Powerful Djinn

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This piece is awesome. Not just because during the investigation, we got to see Narwhals and they happen to be one of my favorite animals, but because the power that the piece that we found brings you is seriously unmatched.  This is because the condition and place that we found it in is so unique that it is unlike any other investigation that we have ever gone on.  
The last time we were on Russia is when we got this piece.  It was a trip to Franz Josef Land that yielded the treasure.  Franz Josef Land is an Archipelago in Northern Russia in the Arctic Sea.  It is also home to one of the most fabulous finds in history, which is a giant crystalline pyramid that rivals any of the ones that can be found in China.  We are not sure how this pyramid got there, just like we aren't sure about the rest of them.  Another thing, if you are really serious about ever finding this place you should know two things.  The first is that it is seriously hard to find.  The Archipelago is covered with snow most months out of the year.  This is probably why it was placed among the islands.  It was an easy hiding spot.  It's extremely difficult to find.  The second thing is that it is extremely inhospitable weather.  It's the kind that makes you want to throw yourself overboard and end it already.
This is why we did the investigation, so that way you don't have to.  It's near impossible anyway, unless you have a local who really knows what they are doing.  The point is that we went there.  The confines of the pyramid has seen less than a dozen pairs of eyes in history.  This is with ours included.  Those who have tried in the past have failed and come back empty handed or periled in the process.  However, we spent years researching this place and finding a guide who could get us in and out quickly.  We didn't have much time, simply because of how cold it is there.
The inside of the pyramid is the most interesting thing that I have ever seen.  There are many different colored glyphs inscribed on the walls, but no like the type that you would find on the pyramids in Giza.  These glyphs looked almost futuristic and lit up in a weird luminescent kind of way.  We meandered through a series of hallways that lead to chambers.  There were different chambers, all holding different types of glyphs, different types of stones I have never seen before, and lit up in weird kind of ways.  The chamber that we found most fascinating is obviously the one that housed the piece that we brought back to you.  This chamber was found deep underground.  We could tell simply because of the temperature.  In this room there was nothing but a coffin.  Not a glyph, not a sign of light.  We had to use flashlights to even see.
Inside of the coffin there was a figure.  It was definitely humanoid in shape, but had some really strange feature that I have never seen on a human before.  It was creepy but very fascinating all at the same time.  We touched and prodded at him for a while, but the lifeless corpses seemed to be okay with that.  We found a ring on his finger, which we naturally took.  It wasn't doing much good buried way beneath sea level.  We had no idea what powers, if any, the ring held, but we were going to find out one way or another.  
We eventually left the pyramid.  We couldn't stay there too long because of how cold it was.  When we got back to where we were staying, we immediately began working on the item to see what exactly the item was.  We didn't know for sure, but wagered it had some sort of super natural ability.  We were right.  
It's almost embarrassing to say that we simply cannot draw a parallel between the skeleton we found with this ring and the power that it holds.  We have tested this piece time and time again and it always holds the same powers.  I don't know if this was a gift that was given to the skeleton or maybe he found it there while he was researching.  Maybe the skeleton was some sort of extra-worldly life force that happened to collect powerful pieces.  Whatever the case may be.  This item holds a very rare, extremely powerful entity.  
Let me get you acquainted.  The Daivers are a species of genies.  These genies are of Hindoo origins.  There are three hundred and thirty million of these Daivers, but being able to conjure even one of them is near impossible.  This is because they are locked in a realm that is called Daiver-Logum.  This is a realm where these djinn, prophets, and other heroes who are unready for the paradise of Shiva or Vishnu are detained.  The djinn just began piling up there, but they are among the most powerful djinn that you will ever encounter, because they live together and feed off of each other's energies.  Having said that there are not many powers that a Daiver djinn doesn't have or doesn't know.  There aren't many powers that you can get past him.  He has pretty much been there, done that, seen it all.  I mean how many powers can you really slip by when you are living millions of other Daivers who are just as powerful as you are?  
This piece that we are offering has a Daiver conjured into it.  Who made it or how, I have no idea.  All I do know is that whomever made it had to be super powerful, because this is an extremely rare and extraordinarily powerful type of djinn.  We rarely come across this type.  What does this djinn do for you???  Everything.  That's the simple answer.  I mean what doesn't he do for you?  He is the powerful of the most powerful type of djinn.  He can grant you anything.  He can cast any spell.  He can create any entity.  He can take you to any part of existence you want to go.  He can literally grant any wish, control any mind, do anything.  This was like a treasure to have come across that is more valuable than any other treasure you will find at the bottom of any sea.  Oh, the wealth aspect?  Well he can grant that too, so that's out the window.  Do not pass this opportunity by.  These kinds of opportunities don't come very many times in a lifetime.