Secrets of Sabellicus
Secrets of Sabellicus
Secrets of Sabellicus

Secrets of Sabellicus

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This item is the embodiment of one of the unsung heroes of the 15th Century.  He was more an an anti-establishment guy of the times, who lived at the same time of the great John Faustus.  This is why, despite his wide claims to be the most powerful sorcerer on Earth, he just never really gained that much of reputation.  I guess it pays off to in with the good old boys.  I'm not saying that John Faustus wasn't powerful, I'm just saying that Sabellicus Georgius was just as powerful, if not more powerful than he.   
In his own claim, Sabellicus was the "most powerful" and we would have no issue believing that.  Why?  Simply because we have had a chance to also experience his powers, as the people of his time could have.  He was a very practiced sorcerer, who at one point in time even visited the Egyptian pyramids to gain most of his powers.  While there he experienced what some Egyptians refer to as the rebirth transformation.  This is when you are stuck into a chamber, this one specifically guarded by the constellation Orion, for three days.  For those three days, you are denied food, water, or anything.  You are simply locked in the chamber with nothing.  At the end of three days, you will have gone through the necessary transformation to become a sorcerer.  It was something to do with the powers in the chamber and the way the constellation Orion shines into it.  
On the third day Sabellicus was risen, having undergone his very powerful metaphysical transformation.  It seems like the whole "dying" and rising on the third day just makes things happen.  Voodoo doctors are laid out on a slab of cement and denied food and water for three days, during which they obtain their powers.  Then of course, there is the most popular example of Jesus rising from the dead after three days to assume His spot at the right hand of God.  Either way, the sacred numerology of the number three seems to do it for some reason. 
The point is Sabellicus has an extraordinary arsenal of magical talents.  During a ritual of resurrection, we were able to call upon the great Sabellicus Gerogius.  He came to us in spirit form and agreed to help us make this piece.  This piece, he said, will be one of his favorites, because he actually set a small portion of his own soul into it, this way it is guaranteed to be powerful and to never lose that power.  What do you get when you choose this piece??  A great deal of the powers that Sabellicus  enjoyed while still alive.  I mean, he has taken his powers with him to his afterlife, but he is giving them to you in mortal form.  
- His ancient art of Necromancy, which is pretty self explanatory.  This is the ability raise entities. It doesn't matter what kind of entity it is, you will gain the ability to call it from the dead.  It could be the soul of a human that you want to chat with.  It could be the soul of a vampire who lived long ago, but was stabbed by a stake and sent to hell.  Perhaps you want to conjure up a werewolf who was shot with a silver bullet and only lives in spirit form now. Lost friends and family members?  Yeah, this will work for them as well, if you miss them and just want to talk to them. You never know they might have a relative that needs to communicate with you.  This necromancy works both ways.  You can raise people from the dead, however, if there is a spirit from the dead that needs to communicate with you, it will raise itself to come and chat with you.  
- His ancient art of Astromancy.  There are so many powers and secrets that are hidden in the way our universe was designed.  It was set there by God with his divine geometry.  Secrets and secret powers lurk behind all movements, hidden in the shadows.  In order to gain these powers, you need to be able to read through the patterns that the stars create.  This is called astromancy, which is given to you with this item.  
-  Chiromancy, which is called palmistry by some.  This will simply give you the ability to read the future of others by looking a the lines in their hands.  Not only will you be able to do this, but you will be able to use the hands in such a way that they are the vessel that will open your mind into full-blown vivid psychic images of the person's future, which you can then relay back to them.  You can also use this power on yourself.  
- Pyromancy, which is the ability to gain visions form staring into the fire.  All you have to do is state the intention of you vision and gaze into the fire.  The fire will open up and show you want you want to see.  This could be the past, the future, or at another place in the current existence.  
- Hydromancy, which is the same idea pyromancy, but involves staring int0 water.
- Astral Travel, which is the ability to travel to alternate dimensional planes.