From Fire and Flames
From Fire and Flames

From Fire and Flames

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When most people think of djinn, they automatically think of temples in the Middle East or of King Solomon.  I can't fault you for this, because these are where most of the djinn we sell originate from.  However, I am here to tell you that not all djinn are created equal and some djinn from places that you would have never even guessed the word djinn was uttered.  Technically, the name djinn was never uttered, because the people that helped us made this piece called them fire spirits.  They had no better description to call them than that, but it literally is the exact same kind of spirit.  It is a djinn.  
I'm talking about the Northern Cheyenne Native American tribe.  In modern times they lived in Montana.  We were there not to long ago on an investigation that turned out to be dud.  The best part of our trip was the fact that we got to meet up with the Northern Cheyenne tribe, with whom we stayed with for a few days.  It wasn't like you are thinking.  We didn't all cram ourselves into teepees and bundled up.  They are actually pretty modern, but they cling to their ancient traditions.  They still have pow-wows and they still adhere to the ancient codes of their people.  
While we were there, we were invited to a fire dance called the Fire Spirit dance.   We thought it would be a good idea to sit around a campfire and enjoy some Native American culture.  We had no idea that what we were about to see was going to be so life changing.  By life changing, we mean to say that it changed our whole perception of the djinn.  These are free roaming fire spirits, as suggested by the term that the natives gave them.  They are kind of like demons, but not really because they are dual in nature and this is mimic the duality of the Earth- hot and cold, day and night, winter and summer, etc.   
Either way, the fire dance was nothing short of incredible.  Deedee, of course, came with empty vessels, because she always does.... because that's just what Deedee does.  We're lucky she did.  As the apex of the fire dance neared, a pillar of fired shot straight up into the night sky.  It dances like the rest of the flames and from the depth of the fire, the blue part of the flame, a figure began to take form  The entity was humanoid in form, but had dark charcoal eyes.  It was at least six and half feet talk, with curled toes and long spindly fingers.  He didn't take flesh for, but stepped out of the fire in the form of fire.  A great wind blew among the people at the dance.  The dancers dripped sweat, but they were under the trance of the fire spirit, and as much as it looked like their bodies were being over worked, they just kept going.  
Deedee saw this as the perfect time to seize an opportunity.  She puled out this piece and began to say a spell of her own.  The wind began to shift and blew towards where we were sitting.  The figure began to break apart in little bursts of flame as this piece sucked in the flame like a vacuum.  The total process took about fifteen minutes and when the it was over, the flames settled down and the braves came out of their trances.  We brought this piece back to our office to test it. 
This piece is interesting.  You can see the physical embodiment of the flame that was set into this piece.  The piece used to be used to be totally clear, and now it has taken on a more fiery form.  This is because the fire spirit-- or the djinn, if you will-- lives in this item.  He is eternal and will live in the piece forever, which now serves as his imperial palace of fire and flame.  He is a very powerful djinn and I won't tell you what he can do for you, because there isn't much that he can't do.  He can literally grant anything that you ask of him.  It doesn't matter what it is.  The djinn is dual in nature, as I told you before.  Thus, it can do anything that you ask of it.  He can give you any power, show you the future, grant any wish you might have, etc.  There isn't much that this djinn can't do.  He is restricted to not causing death, that is about it.  He can do revenge though and healing, opening of the psychic abilities, etc.  He is just all around powerful.  Who would have thought he'd come from a pow-wow fire in Montana.  From the fire comes the djinn!!