Let Me See Your Peacock...
Let Me See Your Peacock...
Let Me See Your Peacock...

Let Me See Your Peacock...

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Birds are amazing creatures,  They were given wings so they could fly high in the air and see all that has been made.  Well at least, most birds can fly.  Those that can't, we love those kinds of birds, too!!  The birds we are talking about with this piece can "sort of" fly.  What I mean by sort of is that they can use their wings minimally, but they lack the ability to fly for long periods of time.  
Anyhow, enough about peacocks flying and more about what they mean to the world in other terms.  I'm talking about the metaphysical terms of what is, in my opinion, the most gorgeous bird on Earth.  Since the beginning of time, the metaphysical properties of the peacock have been captivating the minds of shamans and other religious clerics around the world.  This is because aside from being really pretty, this bird is a walking bank of knowledge and power that was set on the Earth by Ethereal forces.  
This piece has been made by a Ritualistic Priestess that comes from India.  She used to follow mainstream religion in India, but one day was given a vision by the divine force.  It showed her the many different ways that she could create divine magic that would embody the gifts given by the divine force.  One of these magics came in the form of a Peacock feather, which embodied the presence of a a giant peacock that is kept with the immortals in the Ethereal realms.  
The gift that came with the peacock feather was the ultimate gift, summoning about a spirit totem that embodies the peacock and brings his powers to life.  The power of this spirit totem has since been placed in this peacock vessel.  With this vessel, the power of the peacock totem comes to you and grants you its ancient powers.  These powers are listed below.  
white light healing powers-- from across many different cultures, peacocks have been associated with their divine healing powers.  As such, you will gain healing powers.  These are healing powers that are both physical and metaphysical.  They work against any physical ailments, as well as any spiritual healing you may need to do, including releasing blocks. 
All-see eye-- The spots on a peacock's feathers are thought of as being the all-seeing eye.  With this power, you will be able to see into the minds of others, to read their minds and control them if you have to... or want to.  
Clairvoyance-- the mystical power of the peacock is known to bring about clairvoyance.  As such, you will be able to see into the past, the present, and the future.  
Resurrection and Rebirth-- this is the most powerful of all the powers this piece offers.  This is because your old self will be laid to rest.  A new you will blossom right out of your old skin.  This is complete totally rebirth and white light resurrection.  With you metamorphosis, you will gain a complete and total knowledge and understanding of white light magic.  You will gain many, many powers with this rebirth, including the ability to cast white light spells, grant wealth, find or help others find love, astral travel and many, many more.