Fengdu Wealth Dragon
Fengdu Wealth Dragon

Fengdu Wealth Dragon

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So, you just happened to be talking boat ride down the Yangtze River in China.  Everything is going fine until you see a large stone structure jutting out of the water. It is a square face, along with structures that make up a stone body.  It is enough to freak out anybody who wasn't expecting to see it.  The face and buildings themselves are just smaller parts of a larger abandoned city called Fengdu.  
Fengdu has long been the abandon city of the dead.  It is a gateway between the Earth and the Heavens, between this life and the afterlife.  As such, the city is littered with demons and carvings of demons that symbolize the fact that the two worlds are bleeding together.  
As you can imagine, magic runs deep in the city, which boasts several very large temples.  This place was once inhabited by humans until they realized that the Netherworld spills over into the Earth at this location.  You can witness the artwork there of humans being tortured and of big stone demons.  It is quite ominous.  
We were on an investigation in one of the temples, called the Temple of the Dragon.  The only way we were able to get there is to hire a tour guide.  The guide wouldn't even get off the boat, but dropped us off by the city and waited for our return.  He refused to go anywhere near the city, as the city has a reputation for sucking in the souls of the living for sacrifices to the forces at work within.  
Long story short, we investigated quite a few of the places that were considered to be highly haunted.  I'm not going to say that they are not haunted, but their reputation far exceeds their anything that you will find here.  It wasn't run over with demons.  Soul, yes, but anywhere you have a city or place of living there are souls.  
From the Dragon Temple comes this piece.  This piece holds a soul, but not a human soul.  It is the soul of an ancient Chinese wealth dragon.  This piece isn't that old that old to be considered from the ancients.  Therefore, we have concluded that there are still people there today that have tapped into the fortress of powers that exists in the city.  
We took the ring, which holds the presence and the soul of an ancient wealth dragon.  This dragon acts as a scout, who will search the physical and metaphysical realms in search of wealth.  This wealth comes in many different forms, but it will all be laid by your feet.  We have tested this piece on several occasions, including in casinos and I have to tell you, the energy of the piece is subtle when you wear it-- but when the dough start rolling in, you'll be glad this piece is yours!  
The item also holds a form of ancient white light protection that will eat evil out of your life and keep it from ever returning!