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If you are into the paranormal or even if you just follow conspiracy theories, I'm sure that you have been kept up to date on the never-ending list of Walt Disny Conspiracy theories.  Some of them are true and then some of the are so ridiculous that you can't believe a single word of them.  However, what we are about to offer you is something very, very real and something very powerful.  
For starters, some of the conspiracies that are true, mostly take place in Florida.  The fact that Disney is basically its own separate territory not bound by federal law is where the craziness begins with Disney.  You may notice the three sixes in his signature. Perhaps you are aware of his secret underground network of tunnels where he forcers his workes to partake in certain activities.  Perhaps you have heard that his cryogenically froze, waiting to be resurrected at a later year.  However, I can pretty much wager that you've never heard of the A113 conspiracy.  
If you have heard abou the A113 conspiracy you've likely heard the happy, fuzzy version.  To begin with, the number A113 is a number that appears in most Disney movies, as far back as Fifel Goes West and earlier.  The happy story is that this is the room where it all begins.  It is an art classroom in California that has been funded by Disney for those who wish to learn to draw. The A113 in the movies is to pay homage to all the students who have learned in the classroom. 
This story was fabricated to cover up the fact that somebody went public with the real meaning of A-113, which is really in California, but is a secret bunker where they kidnap and perform experimentations of children.  These experiments range anywhere from genetic manipulation to mind and behavrial control to, to using them in black magic rituals. It's not a pretty place.  Of course all that has been lobbed out and cleaned up.  Disney wouldn't want to tarnish their sterling reputation.  
However, just pause for a second to think about the stars who have graduated their rolls of Disney Stardom.  Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Shia Labeouf, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Brian Bonsall, Demi Lovato (who once gave Zac Efron drugs), Lalaine Vergara and the list goes on and on and on.  The point is, how can you deny that they have some sort of secret mind control program going on.  It's like these kids see this number and they just snap like a rubber band. And it isn't just famous kids that they are snatching out of the streets.  The government in cooperation with this secret A113 initiative has given Disney the permission to yank random people out of the street for their laboratory tests.  Once you are picked up, the sad truth is that you are never really the same ever again unless you somehow manage to escape.  If they are crafting you into a fame phenomenon to use as pawns in Illuminati rituals, then you will be kept. If they have no use for you, your brain in scrambled, then they throw you back out into the world.  Sometimes they don't even take you back to your family.  
The stars that are brainwashed are coached to do certain things using certain passcodes and phrases.  Poor Taylor Swift, while not a Disney Star, was the product of this program.  She was once a sweet 15 year old girl who sang songs about falling in love with her Romeo.  Now she is an international pof phenom walking through flames and performing illuminati bloodrite right on televisions for all to see.  It's scary when you think about it, because in this way the Illuminati is trying to take us all over.   
There's a second way this program is implemented.  To keep the masses pre-occupied.   Have you noticed these people that go around shooting places up lately?  They all look crazy.  If you look into their eyes, it's like they are alive but they aren't really there.  This is because these people are kept as bodies.  Yeah, Disney may let them go home to live their "normal" lives, but the moment these people see the A113 they snap and shoot up shopping malls and movie theaters.  They scream Allah Akhbar and take out halves of entire cities.  Disney controls politicians and the way they vote and what they say.   There is an uncertain amount of peole they actually train in these secret confines, but I can tell you right now its more than you'd ever be able to imagine.  This is how they manage to control and sway the outcome of world events.  It's how they determine the futrue.  
Why are we telling you all this?  Shortly after "Carla" left the A113 mind reconditioning base, she set out to tell the media.  She is one of hte very lucky few who get out.  On top of that, she is the only one that has gone public.  She felt like there needed to be some sort of retaliation for what this group puts thei abductees through.  Needless to say that story got cancelled and that was the end of that.  Nothing has been heard about it since, with the exception of the fact that "Carla" reached out to us.  
She came to us with solid proof and evidence that the stories she was telling were 100% legitimate stories.  First of all, Deedee could pick up that she wasn't lying through her psychic vibe.  Second of all, she could brought with her a piece that theyc all a controller.  The controller is the piece they have created using dark magic and mind control magic.  The subjects would then each get linked to a controller.  These controllers are what would, obviously control the person with whom they were linked.  They'd see the number A113 and they were activated.  They had secret conditioning on how to act at this point, plus then they could be controlled by these controllers.  
This piece that we are offering is the original controller that was given to us.  It has come from the secret A113 confines in California, where nobody seems to know; not even Carla.  Sure there is a facade.  It's a happy classroom where people are taught.  Then, there is the more sinister, which is the HQ for Disney, where they are in cahoots with the government and the Illuminati and are trying  to take over minds and develop other types of magic.  Either way, with this controller, you can link it to an unlimited amount of people, but one at a time.  For instance, if you want to control the mind of somebody you want to hand something over to you, you can link them to this piece and they will do it.  Later, if you want somebody to come on to you, you can link them to the piece and have them do that.  If you want to be able to see into the mind of somebody with great powers, you can link this piece to them and you can control there mind, thereby knowing all of their secret powers and magic.  The possibilities are endless, really.  This piece is extremely powerful and will work on anybody you want it to.