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Aliens and angels.  Are they one in the same?  Are they different?  Did the ancients really mean to identify angels as the same aliens that so often visit the face of Earth these days.  If that is the case is the government in cahoots with some of the angels or are these different types of angels?  I wish I could answer these questions for you, but I simply cannot. I'm not here to give a history lesson and I'm not here to join the debate that says that what the ancients saw were actually extraterrestrials and not angels.  They say the message went horribly awry.   I don't care about that.  I'm simply here to share an experience that we had first hand.  
Take a look around you, because everything that you know around you is about to be shaken up.  What you thought you know, you don't.  We were out exploring an abandoned temple.  I can't really give you an accurate whereabouts for the Temple because it is the PA Coal regions and it's really easy to get lost out there.  In fact, I think it was somewhere in the state gamelands, the expanse of which goes on for miles.  I wouldn't have even known about this place, had one of my friends not told me about it.  He was hunting and discovered the cut out temple carved into the side of a mountain.  He gave me directions, but told me that he was not going back there.  He said it felt like something was watching him.  
We don't shy away from opportunity, so we naturally tromped off into the woods in search of a temple.  We did eventually find it and when we did we were amazed at what we found.  The carvings and inscriptions on the wall had all the implications that it was a Solomonic temple.  The only question then, was how did this temple show up in the wilderness?  Judging by the authenticity of of the engravings in the wall and how close they were to originals that have been found on other Solomonic temples, this temple was not much younger than the original.  It made absolutely no sense at all.  It was quite puzzling.  The more we thought about it, the more we became disoriented in the those woods.  The sun was creeping down at a considerable pace.  It was the middle of Summer, but still... who wants to be trapped in the woods at night time?  And cell phone service.  That's a joke, there is not cell phone service there and I don't care what any carrier's maps suggest.  
We decided to take a break.  I leaned up against a wall and accidentally bumped a lever that I didn't now was there.   A door in the wall opened up pouring liquid fire into grooves in the floor that we had neglected to see before.  I poured like rain water through the ley lines on the floor  Before we knew what was going, the entire floor was lit up with fire in the shape of a Star of David.  The ground began to shake and from the sky appear a disc shaped structure.  It lowered itself to the Earth until two very ugly holographic beings showed themselves to us.  
The beings must have had a thousand eyes.  They literally saw in every single direction.  The pair of them was incredibly ugly looking and held a roughly humanoid appearance.  I don't know if these beings held a mind of their own, because the faltered now in their direction, but carried a box between the two of them and set it in the center of the illuminated Star of David.  The chest opened up and showed us all things.  When I say all things, I literally mean all things.  It showed us the entire history of the world.  It showed us how God created the Earth in Seven days and showed us all things that happened up until the very day we left to seek out the temple.  
Then is showed us something else, which I am going to put into mortal words, because is was shown to us.  I'm not sure if words are able enough to describe it, so just bear with me.  The Earth that we live on is not the original Earth.  In fact, just like humans are living, breathing objects with a soul, so is the Earth.  However, the Earth goes through lifecycles and this is not the first lifecycle of Earth.  We are actually currently on the Third Earth Cycle.  There have been two Earth cycles before us.  Each time the Earth is reincarnated and rebuilt by God.  Each time he creates the Earth, but each time it is different.  I can't really explain what I mean by different.  You will have to get the piece to experience for yourself.  
If you think about it, this is non-Biblical, because it just hasn't been mentioned in the Bible at all.  These first two cycles of the Earth have failed.  For instance, the same way the God destroyed the Old World with a flood, but then allowed life to prosper once more.  He has done this twice before, only he has exploded the whole Earth and restarted.  Have you ever noticed the three seems to be the perfect number?  This is because the third time is the charm and this is the final time for the Earth and it is being prepared for the New Jerusalem.  That having been said, I guess I have to give humanity a bit more credit that I usually do.  However, this is not an excuse to let up.  He could change his mind at any time.  He is God.  
The aliens, I want to call them, rescinded back to the ship immediately.  I later determined that these were the angels who were given the task of guarding the chest that they had given us.  The chest was later determined to have been the Ark of the Covenant.  That explains why when we put this item into the Ark, it became super charged with a combination of powers you'd hear about in sci-fi movies and powers you'd hear about in church.  It is really weird and it somehow all fits together somehow.  With this piece you be given anti-gravity abilities that will let you ascend into Heaven.  You will be given the ability to develop your own dark matter and G-Fields, as well as create your own astral realities, the same way God did when he created us.  It will give you a divine connection to all things holy and divine.  You will gain he ability to cast lightning upon people, meaning an angelic form of revenge, where the ill will they have been showing people comes back to them sevenfold.  This piece also will act as a guide that will a.) teach you how to levitate and navigate your way through tough situations b.)  lead you to the secret esoteric chambers of wealth of Solomon.  This is a chamber that you will only find in the esoteric plain in soul form.  It contains wealth in many forms including knowledge, but also extreme wealth that you can bring back with you to your mortal life.  
It was a very odd, but very powerful encounter. With this ring, it will show you all the things that I have told you.  It will also give you all the powers that I have told you.  It will also provide you with 100% white light protection.  There is just too much to tell with this ring, other than to say, just get it.  You will not regret it!!