The Jonestown Project
The Jonestown Project

The Jonestown Project

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The weirdest things happen in the name of religion.  It is no secret that people will do just about anything in the name of religion.  I mean look at the world around you.  We have Muslims killing people-- innocent people-- in the name of Allah.  You have monks who starve themselves to obtain enlightenment.  You have Christians, in American, who picket the funerals of deceased soldiers.  Our government has been watching.  It only takes a bit of common sense to realize that religious sensationalism goes a long way when you want to get people to do what you want them to.  
The reason I state above is precisely why the CIA worked in conjunction with Jim Jones.  Jim Jones was once considered a faith healer, but his ideals and beliefs went rogue.  I'm not saying that he ever really healed, I'm just saying that he, at one point in time, went by the Bible.  Then, he simply made up his own religion.  First, he started a commune in California, but when incidents of abuse made national headlines, he opted for a more subtle environment.  His followers, 900 of them, followed him to South America, where Jones told them he would build a new Utopia for them to live in.  
I don't think that the Utopia ever came.  In the South American compound, called Jonestown, Jones was the only law.  The reports of abuse ran rampant, with Jones picking up mostly minorities and poor people, taking all of there money, and basically forcing them into slave labor.  Those who tried to run were killed.  I mean, where were they going anyhow.  It's not like could survive in South America.  They had no money to get back to America.  They were kind of stuck.  
Rumors that the CIA was helping Jones with the establishment of Jonestown circled, but you know that when the CIA doesn't want something in national spotlight, they pretty much get what they want.  The reports of abuse were another story.  They gained the attention of one congressman, Leo Ryan.  He and several curious journalists, along with Richard Dwyer, the deputy chief of the US Mission in Guyana, made a visit to Jonestown.  Upon departure, all were shot dead except for Dwyer.  
Things didn't get any less grim from there.  In fact that was just the start.  Jones convinced all of his followers to drink Kool-Aid laced with cyanide, in a mass suicide.  This was nothing new, as Jones had implemented suicide drills long before the real things happened.  Jones himself opted out of the cyanide, instead opting for a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.  The thing is though, the gun was found more than 200 feet from supposedly dead Jones.  This means that Jones was either murdered... or not dead at all.
The autopsy report that was done on Jones revealed that his body exhibited none of the tattoos that Jones had while still living.  Supposedly everything else matched up, but I can assure you that those types of documents can be fabricated.  They do it all the time.  The question that remains is, "Who was Jones really?  Where did he come from?"  
The answer is short is that he was a CIA operative, obviously operating under strict anonymity.  In establishing Jonestown, the CIA wished to conduct secret mind  control experiments, as well as others.  When the congressman was killed, it all had to come to an end, though.  The people in Jonestown were instructed to kill themselves and they abided after years of brain-washing.  Jones' suicide was staged and he left for the United States unscathed in anyway.  
Very shortly after, the CIA went in to clean up the mess.  Pieces that were made by Jones during his experiments were relocated to Area 51 and labelled as classified information.  These items were set into a sealed vault that hasn't been open since.  Well, not until recently when a source of ours decided to do a little bit of digging.  
Based on the powers in this piece I can tell you that whatever was going on down in Jonestown was highly productive.  I don't think it's cool the way things played out. What I'm saying is the abilities that this piece grants are very powerful.  To begin with, this piece allows for full astral travel.  I'm talking about you can jump through any stargate.  South America is famous for its night sky the Aztec and Incas used to watch the stars all the time.  They gained many powers from them.  This piece embodies the powers of those same stargates and allows you to astrally travel to other realms and places of existence.  Jones' people were forced through these Stargates.  Some of them came back.  Most of them didn't.   That's because he held the power.  This piece works as the control that allows you to travel to where you want to go and makes sure you get home safely.  
This piece allows you break the barriers of time.  You will be able to use this piece to walk in time.  By this, I mean that you will be able to travel forward and backward into time.  You can behold whatever sector of time that you deem appropriate, to gain powers, to observe, to educate, etc.  The same deal applies when you are time-traveling.  This piece is the control and will assure that you arrive back safely. 
This piece also grants full psychic ability.  Of course it does.  It allows you to fully control the minds of others.  That was the whole point of the goings-on at Jonestown-- mind control and then forcing people to do things that they didn't want to do.  This piece gives you a fully psychic awakening that doesn't just allow you control the minds of others.  It also gives you telekinetic abilities, psychokinetic abilities, and any other psychic power you can think of.  
As if that wasn't enough, this piece gives you a metaphysical shield of protection.  This is self-explanatory and will protect you from the evil and negative things that you might find along the way while using your item.