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JAN 7 09 Guebres  were Persian fire worshipers and direct descendants of ancient magicians. They conjure and create Djinn but with out the disdain for humans. These are very powerful and actually LISTEN to you. This is one of the most important things in having one of these creatures.

This is a bracelet but also has allot to offer other then the Djinn and the spirit of the Guebres.

You will also get a opening pyramid that because of how it is made gives an energy to your wishes. There is also a removable mummy of greatness and wish granting.

Also you will find a charmed snake. This is very powerful and can be used in any type of situation where there is contact with people. Use this to gain confidence, jobs, relationships or just appear to look better then you do. It is used to sway the person through charm and hypnotics.

There is also included a spirit wand which commands the spirits.

There is a cat name Chilke familiar.

There is also a scarab of Chaldean magic,not Egyptian.

The Djinn are 12 and the Gubres are of 9.

This is a very great and wonderful piece of which there is only one.