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People have asked me for Genies and as you know I usually do not sell these because of how hard they are to work with. Many times they produce no results.

These are very different in that they hold no Genie at all. What they do have is the ability to give the same power as a genie has to you. This way you can control it.

There is a lot to these and the way they were done is very complicated. It begins with a powerful transmute casting and spell as well as a binding to an article. This article has to work with your pulse points or be able to pick up your heart beat. Through the use of electric in your body your energy will blend with that of a genie.

This will remove all harm from you and bad temper because there is no genie in them,only the abilities which become yours.

If your looking for a living breathing and speaking Genie,I will place it on today if I can find the pictures. It is expensive so this is your alternative. You will not be disappointed.

These are in sterling silver,this one is a bracelet. Take advantage of these sales as these are very powerful pieces and will go up in price after February.