Serpentine Seduction OR FIRE IN THE CROTCH
Serpentine Seduction OR FIRE IN THE CROTCH

Serpentine Seduction OR FIRE IN THE CROTCH

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Usually I sleep like a baby.  I just self medicate and I'm usually good to go for about six hours or so.  I fall right asleep and off to the Land of Nod I got until it's time for me to get up and do what I have to do.  Sometimes, when I'm really lucky, I get eight hours of sleep, which is what I'm told is the norm for most people.  I'm not sure-- but then again, I'm not really sure how normal I am either.  Either way, the point is that I usually sleep pretty well, but the other night, for whatever reason, I couldn't sleep for love nor money.  

As I lay there in the darkness, I began to let my mind travel.  It went to many different places, but it ended up in a garden warm with sunshine and slight breeze.  There was a pussy willow tree and I went to sit under it to get some shade.  When I did a formless mass of energy emanated away from the tree, which I'm go assume was some kind of tree nymph for reasons you will find out later.  It was kind of distracting and the moment I notices the mass of energy, I nearly jumped out of skin because these were my thought realms I was pervading, and here was this entity out of nowhere.  

Well, I realized that it wasn't anything to be afraid of, but the my first reaction was to open my eyes, plunging myself back into dark reality.  Except it wasn't dark at all.  There, above my eye, about three inches from my face, was a glowing light.  Again, it was formless and I could feel its energy as it wrapped itself around my body like a boa constrictor would crush its prey.  Except, it was crushing at all.  The energy envelope every part of my body, floating up and down the entire length of my body in spiralling wisps.  It began to take the from of a dark, handsome man-- I think maybe Russian?  The point is that the energy was reading my mind as it began to take form into every sexual fantasy I've ever had in my brain.  

For a very long time-- what seemed like hours-- the spirit made love to me.  It elevated my mind and my body to places that I've never been before.  I felt pleasure deeper and longer lasting than any I ever have felt before.  The sexual energy and eclectic orgasms ran through my body like electric through a power grid.  My Earth shook like the Ring of Fire until one last final eruption took place, elevating my sexual arousal and climax to levels that I've never before felt.  It was the most amazing feeling that my physical or astral body has encountered, to date.  I put the energy into this item, which I am calling the Serpentine Bracelet of Seduction.  Whether you are a man or woman, the sex form that is in this bracelet will take whatever form you want it to in order to please you.  It will do man on woman, woman on woman, woman on man... whatever.  There are no limits.  It will literally be your sex slave, whipping you if that's what you like, even handcuffing or spanking you should you be into those types of things.  It will pull your hair, smack your ass-- rough or sensual.  The choice is yours.  

Additionally, this piece will help you please your lover better when you wear it during sex with a mortal.  The sex spirit possess your body when you are doing the dead, allowing you to leave your partners mind blown and more than satisfied.  Have fun with this piece, and allow yourself to experiment.  Remember the things you do with it are your dirty little secret, so you might as well go all in-- or have it go all in you.  Whatever you want.  Enjoy!