Casefile: The Braslaw Eye
Casefile: The Braslaw Eye
Casefile: The Braslaw Eye
Casefile: The Braslaw Eye

Casefile: The Braslaw Eye

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This is one particularly interesting case file that I am extremely pleased to be able to share.  It is one of my favorite travels that I've used with the piece that showed up to Deedee and I, mysteriously.  While I have been working fervently to find out where the piece has come from and why it was sent to me, I have been enjoying the many experiences that I have been privileged to have with the item.  This experience is nothing short of exceptional, because it has provided me with an item that is extremely powerful, full of ancient knowledge.  

The item comes from Braslaw, which I've heard of before, but until I received this piece, I hadn't much thought of as much of any type of importance.  Guess I was wrong.  As it turns out, this place is latent and rich in some very powerful magic, particularly the Illuminati and eye of divine providence. 

Braslaw was first talked about in 1065 as a castle in the border of the Polatsk Principality with the Lithuanian Tribes.  It was turned into a trading town and became the seat of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 14th Century.  However, it wasn't until the 1500s that my experience began.  I was using the item when I was taken to Braslaw in the 1500s.  I was immediately thrown into the existence of the time, with my guide being one Alexander Jagiellon.  He didn't attempt to hide his identity or be mysterious about what was going on.  Contrarily, he greeted me with nothing short of open arms, as it was clearly his agenda to pass on the gift of his ancient magic.  

In 1500 Alexander Jagiellon became the first rule of Lithuania to privilege the townsfolk with a limited self-administration right and the coat of arms-- a blue shield with a golden Eye of Divine Providence.  He was an incredibly enlightened man, placing the importance of intelligence and education in both mortal and esoteric realms.  He gave his people the closest thing to freedom and democracy that they would have ever experiences given the times.  

In 1506 there was a turn of events, when Alexander supposedly died.  His widow, queen YelenaIvanova, the daughter of Ivan III Of Russia, and the wife of the "late" Alexander gained control of castle.  She built an establishment that was dubbed an Orthodox Christian nunnery and so it was written in the history books.  However, I'm here to tell you that the way the history books were written isn't the truth.  It wasn't written to corrupt history in a malicious way; rather it was a method of preserving a noble truth-- one Alexander had worked fervently his entire life to preserve.  

Inside, the supposed nunnery looked and felt like a nunnery.  However, it was beneath the levels of the nunnery where the real power began to take form.  It was to these levels that the real Alex had descended when he achieved his golden state and an immortal ascended master.  He had given his people the greatest gift of all-- the symbol of the Divine Eye of Providence.  

As I was shown the secret realms of the nunnery, I descended upon a room that was lit with a golden glow.  In the center of the realm was constructed a small pyramid, about 6 feet in height with a real living eye in a cavity that was hallowed out into the pyramid.  The eye opened and looked at me, during which time my esoteric form was yanked right out of my body and I saw the secret powers of the Egyptians and the magical existence in an instance.  It was like I was actually there in the pyramids to see the secret sorcery, the alchemy, the esoteric rite, the blood rituals, the weighing of the hearts, the secret academies devoted Isis, Amun-Ra, Anubis, and more.  I was taken through the world of the dead to experience their powers.  Basically I was given every bit of knowledge that has ever existed in Egyptian history.  

I was shown my Alexander that this eye is one of only a few living eyes to exist worldwide. They were given to the Egyptians as a gift of knowledge from ascended beings that visited them very many years ago.  It is this source of knowledge that really put a spark into what has become known as the Illuminati Powers and mystery schools-- the divine race that has preserved the powers of the Ancient Egyptian Enlightened Ones who received the original magic directly.  These eyes are a life form of pure magic, thought to have only been a metaphor of omnipotent and omniscient power.  Rather, these eyes are really living, breathing entities, hosted by a very few people in the world.  

Alexander was high priest in one of the Ancient Secret Academies of the Egyptian Mystery Schools.  He had obtained the blessing of Enlightened One AKA Ascended Master AKA the Illuminati.  He used his power to obtain his alchemical, esoteric transformation upon which he founded his own Mystery School called the Alexandrian Academy, who practices beneath the top levels of the nunnery of Braslaw

This piece contains all the powers of the Provident Eye of Alexander Jagiellon.  It is a direct like to the Mother Eye that exists in the largest of the Three Egyptian pyramids of Giza.  This eye is a direct correspondence and satellite eye of the Mother Eye and give the knowledge of the Divine Eye of Providence to whomever is powerful enough to gaze right into without having to look away.  In this case, the Eye gazed upon this piece and transferred the power into.  This piece now gives whomever wears it, the experience that I received in the "nunnery".  

With this item, you will be given the ability to see every magical experience ever practiced using Egyptian magic.  You will be given all the Illuminati secrets of the Divine Eye of Providence.  It is omnipotent and omniscient and is guaranteed to take you almost to the point of transformation.  The transformation will be possible with this piece, but you will have to take the initiative to begin the alchemical transformation process.  Don't bother asking for instructions on how this process should be completed, because it's different for every person and when you have this piece, the answers will just come to you.  Trust me.