Seven Gods of Fortune
Seven Gods of Fortune

Seven Gods of Fortune

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Seven Gods of Fortune

As many of you know, Haunted Curiosities isn't my only job.  Unfortunately, I have to put on a front, so that way the government doesn't come chase me down and think that I'm doing things that I shouldn't be doing.  With as much crap that we talk about the Obama administration, I'm surprised that we haven't been subjected to water boarding or something like that by now anyhow.  Hey, it is what it is.  I still have my freedom of speech-- for now.  

Anyhow, my whole point in telling you all this, is that during the my stay at the retail chain that I work for, I have the chance to meet some very-- shall we say-- different people. This is how I came into contact with the lady who has given me this piece.  I'm not really sure how to spell her FULL first name, but I always just call her Sue.  Over the course of several years, she and I have become really good friends.  I mean, she even invited me to her house for a New Years celebration, which I regretfully had to decline.  I knew there was something special about Sue from the get-go, but it was only after I began explaining to her the nature of my work for Haunted Curiosities, was it that she revealed the truth to me.  

It turns out that you should never judge a book by its cover, because that little old Japanese lady that you weight on might just turn out to be a very powerful entity.  Such is the case with Sue.  I was surprised to find out that she is actually an ancient Japanese sorceress, who has entered her third life cycle of ascension already.  I mean, I knew she was old, but I didn't know she was THAT OLD!  Anyhow, she gave me this item and told me that she only gives these items to those who truly know her for who she is-- not people who only know her as Sue, but the people who know her in her true form.  

After getting this piece, I took it home immediately for testing, because I was excited to figure out what the heck was going on with it.  I could feel it emanating energy the entire day, since the beginning of my shift.  By the end of the day, my excitement took over and I began testing immediately.  As I tested this piece, I have determine that there are no elements of surprise with this piece whatsoever.  The powers in this piece are rearing and tearing to go.  I think Sue has made these pieces to behave like this giving that they are rare and extremely powerful.  

This piece calls upon and brings about the spiritual descending of a pantheon known as theShichi Fukujin, or in English, the Seven Gods of Fortune.  The are a league of gods that are just that-- the divine protectors and granters of good fortune.  Whomever falls upon their good graces shall be set for life-- at least in the area of good fortune, wealth, and fortitude.  This item brings these deities and all of their powers and blessing to you.  It is literally the physical embodiment of their presence here on Earth. 

With this piece you will receive the following deities and powers: 

1.) Hotei. He is the fat and happy god of Abundance and good health.  As I'm sure you could'veguessed he is the deity that is going to be your grand protector in the area of your health and well being.  It seems today that so many people take this area of their life for granted.  With the help of Hotei, you will maintain a health state-of-being with an abundance of power, energy, and fortitude of life.  

2.) Jorojin.  He is the god of Long Life.  While it may seem that he does the same at Hotei, this is not entirely true.  Jorojin is the God that is going to go before you to create roads of prosperity and to ward of any an all evil that shall come across your path, so that way you can live to be almost immortal.  

3.)  Fukurokuju.  This is the god of happiness, wealth, and longevity.  This is the god that is going to bring you the powers associate with instantaneous wealth.  It is the god that is going to increase your earnings and winnings in games of chance such as the lottery or gambling in a casino.  He will also seek out and increase your likelihood of things such as surprise inheritance and increase things such as the value of your home, property, etc.  

4.)  Bishamonten.  He is the god of warriors.  This is god that will lead a clan of spiritual warriors to always be fighting on your behalf.  It will keep your paths clean of malicious intent and all forms of evil.  It will bless you by only allowing in the good and the positive of all situations.  He is the one you can call upon when you feel like you are under spiritual attack on if you feel like there are too many negative energies encompassing your being.  He will manifest his warriors, clearing your path so you can once again be on a path of light and longevity.  

5.)  Benzaiten.  He is the god of knowledge.  He is the god that is going to give a very powerful, powerful form of ancient energy working.  The Japanese have always been a race that embraces those energies that are around us all the time.  These are the energies that the average human mind does not comprehend.  It is a supernatural and plentiful force of energy that be manipulate and manifested into almost any form of magic that there is.  Benzaiten will show you how to manifest this energy so that way you can use it to create your energies and magical abilities/powers!  

6.)  Daikoku-  This is the god of wealth, commerce, and trade. It is this god that is going to provide you a very deep rooted form of wealth.  He will attract wealth and bring it to you in the form of financial success.  He is the god that has been attributed to plentiful harvests and in this manner her will allow you to plant seeds that will bring back and abundance of success, wealth, and prosperity.  He will bring you wealth such as returns on investments, promotions at work, advancements of capital, etc.  He will help all of your business investments be successful and profitable.  

7.)  Ebisu.  He is the god of fishers and merchants.  He is the god that grants luck.  I know that sometimes luck and wealth are thought to be synonymous but this isn't always the case.  A god can grant you wealth if the conditions are right.  For example, Daikoku can bring good returns on goods, as long as Ebisu grants lucky conditions for fishers to catch a lot of fish.  In this fashion,Ebisu will work together with the other wealth gods to create favorable conditions for your wealth powers to begin brewing!!