Project Aspara, Keepers of the Clouds

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Project Aspara, Keepers of the Clouds

Okay, so I know that we've put out things dealing with HAARP before.  However, this item gives a whole new look into the projects that have been undergone by the social elitists that rule the world of the rest of the "common" people as they see them.  It combines scientific technology with the ancient arts of mediumship and the ability to summon a very powerful goddess withint he realms of the Hindu Pantheon. 

As you all know the HAARP project is the American government's secret base where they conduct weather control and the ability to use it to their advantage during warfare-- or probably even their own people. I"m telling you, these people are power and money hungry and want to rule the world.  It's a given, but that's a conversation for another time.  The point is that they have mastered the art of weather control, as well as other deeper, darker, magics that I am about to tell you about.  

I'm going to preface our finds by giving you a history lesson-- sometimes I have to do this so that way I can tie it all together later.  An Aspara is a female goddess spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu mysthology.  Aspara translates to Enlish as "celestial nymph" or "celestial maiden"  They are the ones that are the guardians of the clouds.  

Rewind back to the HAARP project.  Somewhere along the way, somebody made a discovery that not all clouds are how they appear to be.  Some clouds are different.  This is when HAARPturned into not JUST a weather control project, but a project in time-space travel and travels into other astral realms.  If you've ever seen the movie The Mist, it's similar to that.  

What happened was the top level executives of the HAARP Project called in a medium to summon a coven of Aspara Cloud spirits.  These spirits were called onto to shed light on special cloud formations that are known as portal clouds.  These portal clouds are time lapses that exist in our ozone layer that allow you to travel through the cloud into other forms of existence, time, space etc.  The were given the energy from the Aspara Cloud Spirits, to be able to create these portal clouds and ever since then the experimentation of HAARP has also focused on the types of travel that I just told you about.  However, since the powers of the Aspara are so powerful,HAARP was given not just the ability to use the energy of the Portal Clouds-- but rather to make and design their own portal clouds to areas of their choosing.  

Now, to tie it all together, I'm sure you know where I am going with all this.  We have successfully be able to infiltrate the ranks of HAARP.  Trust me, it isn't the first time.  We took this high tech item that has been designed to look like a normal everyday piece.  This piece, however, has been fabricated to give the person who is wearing the item to have the ability to create portal clouds.  This the ability you get when you purchase this piece.  

This piece is powerful and INCREDIBLY exciting!  You can use this piece to create your own portal clouds.  You can use these portal clouds as the doorways into other dimensions and astral plains.  You use it travel to spiritual realms or mortal realms.  You can travel back and forth into time.  Basically, whatever you focus your energy on while the portal cloud is being created, is where the portal cloud will take you.  It is literally a wormhole in existence in reality that will tunnel you where you want to go.  You can also use it to create doors that will lead to pockets of existence where you will be able to create your own realities and dimensions.