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The Law of One

I often find myself thinking-- sometimes I think to much, I supposed.  My own personal opinion, however, is that those that do not use their mind will lose their mind.  I guess thinking too much is not as bad as not thinking at all.  My latest thoughts seemed to be perfectly aligned with the piece that I am offering here.  Coincidence?  I highly doubt it, as this piece is very powerful and has a way of rubbing off on those who are around it.  

I began thinking about a new philosophy last week.  If you look at a diagram of the universe and then also a diagram of an atom, you will notice that they look awfully similar.  They operate the same, the keep orbit the same way, and Pluto is even lent to be part of our solar system, even though it is another planet's moon.  This is similar in the way the electrons in atoms are cohesive with other electrons from other atoms to form the particles that make up objects.  What if our solar system is just a tiny atom in some more grand form of existence?  Rather than being a distinct, solo life form in a huge universe, what if we are part of something more gradiose??  What if we are just a tiny part of one universal energy flow?  What is the atoms in our chair legs contain life forms that also think they are the only life form to exist?  Well, this is where the item comes in.  

We made this piece with help from a New Age Channeler.  It embellishes the powers of the Law of One, or the Ra Material.  Although these teachings are penned by three authors, the real teachings come from a non-human intelligence form known as Ra.  Ra has described itself as an entity composed of an entire civilization of of extraterrestrials beings that share one Cosmic Conscience.  They have given teachings and secrets explaining the existence of the sixth density life form-- which is existing in a heightened sate of awareness that allows you to obtain immortality by the means of allowing you to understand exists as it really occurs-- above the realms of human comprehension-- to see what existence of ALL things, not just human things, means and how the Cosmic Brain is at the center of it all.  

Communication with Ra was originally done by the three authors by channeling its energy through one of the investigators.  The secrets have been being taught in New Age Mystery Schools, even though the people who tapped into this power have led people to believe that they have told the world everything they know, so that way they too could be ascended into beings of the sixth density life form.  The truth is that the most sought after secrets have yet to be discovered by most esoterics, outside of the prestigious  Mystery Schools of Ra.

Just as a side note, Ra calls itself so after the one true father God of the ancient Egyptian Race-- or should I say that the Egyptians gave their God=head this race's name.. It was the same E.T. life form that met with the ancient Egyptians that have given them all of their magic, mysticism, and power that they have exhibited since the days of their cultivation as a race of people.  It is the pure Egyptian Magic that has been stored up in the Egyptian Pyramids and written in their ancient texts, manuscripts and hieroglyphics.  

It is widely believed that only these three have the ability to connect with Ra, to access him for the continual communication of secrets and magical teachings that help others exist outside of the normal bounds of the human consciousness... to live on the Cosmic Conscience-- a network of stored energy and power that will give you full awakening to ALL Of your inner power, magic and faculties. That is because the Ra Elitists have led people astray to believe this, I'm guessing so they can make money off of them by selling the books and video lessons and what not.  

I am here to offer the opportunity of a life time.  Like I said before this piece has been made in conjunction with a New Age Channeler, whose identity must remain secret for fear of backlash by the rest of the New Age community.  He hates their deceptions just as much as we.  This piece will allow you to ascend your being, to appear as a fully enlightened individual.  It will allow communication with energy that is Ra-- the alien life force who holds the keys to the Cosmic Conscience.  You will able to learn from Ra.  You will learn how to exist outside of the bounds of what is beloved to be the individual, human consigned. It will allow you to live as part of the Universal, Cosmic Brain, to know all powers and magic and be able to see all things.  You will ascended into your sixth density life form, where you will be able to live outside of your human life form to see how everything that happens works together in one way shape or form for the better good of the whole-- which we are only a tiny fraction of. It's almost like this piece will wake you up from a "bad dream" like Neo did in the matrix.  It will teach you what you've been being shielded from your entire life by waking up your own higher life form.  

This piece is extremely powerful and should only be used by those who want to know the whole truth, the only truth, and nothing but the truth.  The energy and truths that you receive with this piece are divine and immortal. They aren't watered down... after all, it DOES allow communication with the life form Ra, so everything it does for you or gives you comes right from the horse's mouth as direct power and truth!