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These men are powerful witches and also known as Grand Druids. These witches were able to control the earths elements and the spirits of others. The list of things they had power over will be listed here

The Human Spirit in the body before death and once the body has died as well.





The also practiced a great ritual that allowed the spirits of Stonehenge to communicate with them.

The men of oaks also practiced human sacrifice and used the fat of the human to reach illumination. This was done by making candles that would call upon the now gone soul. The reason for this was because we all say we don't know until we get there,death is what I'm talking about. What is on the other sideω

In using the magic that they did they were able to use the spirit to tell them how things were on the other side. As most of you know the Druids never wrote anything down. It was all word of mouth,passed down from generations to to generation. I will be having a very informative radio show on what they have seen. This show will be with Raviniska.

The item that your looking at is sacred wood carved in order to hold and send out magic to it's best ability. The round center piece is all human bone.  The magic of this piece is that you are holding with you an ancient and sacred relic. The bone belonged to a combination of or blending of the souls of a Stonehenge Entity and a man of the oaks, High Priest of Druidism.

The possibilities with this piece are endless in such a way as to know what is beyond our own vision. Through the use of the helpful yet serious Man of Oak you will travel as he has to both worlds with a guide of the Stonehenge. This guide is both male and female with both sexual organs. The guide also holds the encoded DNA of YWHA. These are the amino acids done astrally. It is very hard to explain something this complicated but well worth your try at it.