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Killer whales, also called orcas, are among the most successful, intelligent, and cooperative hunters in the animal kingdom. They reguarly alternate their hunting grounds so prey can't get used to their strategies and the ocras can make good use of the element of surprise.

Whales almost never hunt alone, preferring instead to operate like a professional combat unit.

Herring are herdened in from all sides, all escape routes are blocked and then the ocras strike with their powerful tail flukes; knockout! And the herring are devoured.

This insignia of herded energy was studied and used by a Sorcerer to impale new energies of attack. He utilized a group of his kind and they together empowered many items with their connective powers.

The group of Sorcerers were able to prevail immense strengths that one master would otherwise not be able to sumon. The projection of this gathering, and conjuring, has emitted amazing elements of fury and power into the items that invoked.

We were able to retrieve one item, and are hoping to get our hands on more of these coveted pieces!

This item will grant you the ability to impart several adequate empowerments within your mind!

You can see through walls, but will not be able to be caught doing so, and also will be able to heighten your senses, showcasing an increase in your hearing, taste buds and ability to smell. The indulging advances of making your sensory glands more alert, will impart unbelievable knowledge upon you --- this can help out extensively, as you will know things before others. You will be able to catch people doing things they shouldn't be... as you can see through the wall and see the boss having more than "lunch" on his desk with the new intern. Hear the phone conversation of someone far enough away that they think they are alone, and find out gossip of who is getting laid off, etc.

This is an amazing item to have, as your senses will flourish!