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Butterflies in your stomach

The tingling is always the same, regardless of whether we are in love, become excited, or are suddenly in danger.

The reason: The brain triggers a surge of adrenaline and diverts blood from the internal organs to the muscles and to the brain iteself, with the vagus nerve playing the main role.
At the same time, the brain suppresses digestive functions and speeds up heart rate, and we perceive this process as a feeling of butterflies fluttering in the stomach.

This is our internal alert system as we experience things that we are cautious about.

Many people do not go through with things because of this feeling. Lets say a group of your friends are going skydiving and you have huge "butterflies" fluttering in your stomach, so you decide not to jump --- in the long run you are missing out on a great experience and will not be able to share in the thrill as they all talk about their dives over lunch.

There often times is a lot of regret associated with these feelings. The internal set is alerted to give your gumption and make you be alert, so you will appreciate the thrill; but for many the fluttering is enough to hold them back. This is often why people who have to give a speech, or who are in a show get nervous and mess something up... because they let this sensation get the best of them and screw something up!!

This piece is empowered with a calming adherence that will allow you to face new challenges and explore all outlets of life that interest you without having the detterance in your stomach that holds you back.

The calming allure is invoked to allow you to get past the threshholds that have been holding you back and testers showcased extreme changes in their lives based upon being able to get over the hurdle and tackle new passion without the nerves, and fears, that they used to have!

This is a great piece that can really attribute a whole new world for someone who is scared to take new opportunities and try new things~!