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Over the weekend of November 9th and 10th, two female employees of the Ceuta morgue heard screams, cries and laments when the building was completely empty!

This occurred between the hours of 3 and 6 a.m.. Frightened, they called the police, and a total of 8 officers reported to the scene.

The police were able to hear the laments and some loud knocking sounds. The building was searched in the hopes of finding an audio track, or someone playing a prank; law enforcement agents even inspected the tunnels and sewer system under the morgue in search of a cat or other animal that could be giving birth.
With no answers being able to be found. The search was called off. A few weeks later it started again, this is when we were contacted to investigate!

We traveled half way around the world to follow through on this one, as that is how afraid the women were. They work with the dead and are fine with that -- but the intense sounds spooked them.

Our investigation found a large portal that promoted the entry of spirits in and out of our realm. The portal was opened when a witch had passed and her body was taken to this morgue and it remained open since, thus at times having the noises that were sealant sounds of entry and departure of spirits into the afterlife!

Utilizing our years of training, we were able to cast the portal into a vessel, and now it is within this piece.

You can implore a connection with spirits and travel among the entities as you enter the realms and know you have a way back to your present life. This is a very strong piece with an entry spot into many projectual realms --- this is a rare chance to have an opened portal that has no desire to close; so travelling into and from the realms will be easy for anyone who uses this piece!!