White Wolves and Bad Men
White Wolves and Bad Men

White Wolves and Bad Men

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Not so recently, we were on an investigation in Arkansas.  Well, I can't really say it was an investigation per se, it was more like an exorcism is you ask me.  We do these from time to time, especially when a particular story catches our interest.  This one was far to interesting to pass up, so on one of our trips to New Orleans a few years ago, we stopped by for a look-see, to see if we could determine what was going on ourselves.  The lady, who shall remain nameless because she didn't want her business being put out there, found us on the Internet and called us in desperation.  According to her, she had already had multiple reverends from different faiths come to her house.  She even disregarded her religion by calling in a psychic medium and a local Native American Shaman.  None of the people who came to her house were able to fix her problem, despite all of them telling her there definitely was something living in her house.  

As we pulled up, we were greeted with Southern hospitality, of course.  The people in the South are always so nice.  As the story goes, the lady was talking to her 4 year old one night.  They lived in a very old farm house, I think it was constructed some time around the civil war, but I'm not so certain.  It was just the kind of psychic vibes that we picked up from the place.  Naturally, the house would settle at night, especially on stormy or windy nights.  On one particular night of a tornado warning, the daughter looked at the mother who was in panic and said, "Don't worry mommy, those sounds are just the white wolves running through the house.  They are there all the time, they protect us."  The mother not wanting to scare her daughter looked at her a bit puzzled, but fed into the game that she thought her four year was playing.  "Yes, that's right.  They will protect you against anything."  The daughter looked at her and said, "Yeah, they protect us from the bad men, who crawl around the floor at night while we sleep."  

This sent the mother into a frenzy.  Week after week, she began to notice that maybe this wasn't something that her daughter was making up.  She even took her daughter to therapy, but there was nothing wrong with her.  When things in the house began to awry and the "bad men" that used to crawl around the floor began showing themselves to her family at night and in mirrored reflections, she decided she had had enough.  That's when she began the search for supernatural intervention.  This is how she tracked us down.  This is why we were here.  

I'm not going to bore you with details that probably don't even really matter that much, but I will say that we performed an exorcism with an ancient piece that Deedee got from one of her contacts at the Vatican.  Normally, we sell these types of items when we get them in, but this one is from her personal collection and she has always used it on our trips for exorcisms.  We were successfully able to pull over seven demons from the lady's house.  They were the ones causing all the panic and hubbub around the house.  As for the white wolves.  I suppose there is no more need for them.  However, we were also able to extract the presence of several of these white wolves and place them into several items that we had with us, "just in case."  Each one of these pieces contains a white wolf. They are the Heaven Hounds of God, that he sends out to fight his spiritual battles against evil and injustice.  What you are getting with your piece is more than a guardian angel, it is a spiritual life saver.  When you wear the piece, the White Wolf will travel with you, keeping you safe on all fronts of spirituality and physicality.  It will be your divine protector chasing any and all evil from your life.  

These are sterling silver and moonstone.