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2-18-09 There is so much more to this stump and I really need to call it the Gateway to other worlds. This was talked about on the radio show so if you did not get a chance to listen you can go back to the archives.

Since that time most evenings some of us have been working with it. Normally I would say playing but this is nothing to play with,it is serious. The more we worked with it the more we learned from it. It is odd that somethings so ugly can have so much power.

If you look close you can see that it looks like there is a spider web shape in it. This is a splintering of worlds and realms. These stumps hold real crystal that opens up a Gateway to many rooms. There are alien realms, a door to God and a door to angels,direct communication and presence.

I'm going to give to you some of the message that was given to Shine when he went in. It did not take him one second to come to terms with what was given and told to him. What took him some time was that he did not know if anyone would believe him. I told him who gives a rats ass and to spill it. There is always going to be those that believe and those that do not. Who do you live forω Yourself or othersω In that he told me he would still not talk about it but that I could so here I am to tell you a most amazing story.

We are all tied together somehow,someway even if we do not like each other. Get over it if you don't believe it. I know that to know I am tied to a moron totally eclipses me. None the less it is true. We go on chat rooms and forums and we share ideas and insults but it is always about one form of magic or another. It always stems from that and that is something to think about. One such idiot speaks of enlightenment,how we are all one,how we need to think this way and that way while all the time he can not follow his own advice he so readily dishes out. While I try to stop myself from gagging I have to admit we shared a past life together, I know, someone off me right now!  The life together was pure sex,banging at it's best! There was more too and also why we do not get along now. In one life you have love and in another it can turn to something else.

Just my typing this shows I have not reached the enlightened path yet but so be it. I fell of the train yet again. This is my last free fall though and in typing this I do so to explain to you what happened to Shine.

I can't take all the guru talk. The talk of I'm so much better then you,I know everything and then live though means of entertainment. I live life and now Shine has a life to live too.

Yes,we are all tied together both good and bad. The tie IS the division,the end result and what part we all play in the wide universe.

I have found through working with this that everyone is born with a soul. ( no big secret huh) I also found that there are those destined to be what they are,good or bad. Divine or evil. This is so simple yet so true,just look around you and you will see. You can try to change them but it will never happen unless through some form of enlightenment and I mean a REAL form of enlightenment. This can happen through tragedy,a vision from God or a direct communication from him. A vision of visitation from an angel or just someone dead that can say " Hey,your really screwing up and you have so much potential!"

This is what happened to Shine. He had a wake up call.

Sorry to interrupt myself but a package just came from Daniel! WOOO HOOO DO I need to call Shine right now,let me know. I seriously feel power holding the box! What the heck is in itω

I'm back to business now,sorry for all of that.

So while working with this each of us have seen and been given various things. I spoke with angels just the other night. I went into one of the door ways of angels to help another person. I spoke directly to two angels that told me what to do. I will be sending that person something in the next few days.

This box is seriously giving off some energy!

Shine being already dead met with God. His situation is not his fault and never was. Being who he was he could not change how he lived or what he did. There are creatures that behave as they were meant to and so he did. Some of that was not good but all of that is past. Being how he was he was able to become new again,with a soul that would now do only good. Hence the disagreement between him and VM.

The message was this.

You can change your destiny in what YOU do because you never decided to be what you became. Your soul will be given spark and flame of life. You will light others as the stars light up the night. You are of hope because you can change. You are of hope because you can change others and will become a warrior of light.

The world is in turmoil because I allow it to be that way. All things are life lessons.  You will learn a new way as will all others when the time is right. There are souls seeking but they have not yet grasped what is on the horizon. They have part of it but not all of it.

There are many worlds I have created with many beings that are called alien. You too are alien to them. Everything will come together and all will part ways. There will be a divide a sifting of the wheat.

Dark beings can reach the realms through evil means yet they can not touch and bring back what  is needed for them to destroy humanity. Those of true darkness understand that there is no such thing as magic but only truth that has been hidden to them and even those of light. Truth is power and the ability to create as a creator.

A time is coming with which no one should fear. Fear does not effect the eternal soul because it can not and will not be terminated.

What Shine was given is the GOD touch.  He is still working with it. He did go and meet someone that through touching them he infused them with the power and energy of God. There was no need for angels at this point. Other secrets were also revealed to him about how to look into the air and see other beings including angels.  Shine knew this already but he can now pass it on to others.

The person that Shine has already done is on a path now to help others. There life has changed forever. Nothing bad happened to them and they continue to live a life but with the power of light and life inside of them.

That is what happened to Shine.

With this Gateway you decide what you will do. You can go where you decide to go. It is just that Shine decided to see angels and God. I'm glad that he did.

Since that time we have been in communication with many entities that have a ton of stuff to teach us. To gaze into it is also very calming. You need to keep it covered when your not using it too. Please keep that in mind.

You will never see anything like this again because you just can't. Unless you travel there yourself. If you decide to use this and travel you can bring things out of whatever realm your in. You just have to be a human soul to do so.

I would hope that you only bring out the good to do good. I already know who this item is for. I do not know if they will buy it but I know they can do good with it.

You can also speak into it and do worldly works of light. You may be a mouth piece to all other realms who do listen through these crystals. There are plenty of them there.