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2-18-09 I know people are asking for the day in the life and I will get it on. I will work on it tomorrow after I do more live help.

This item I love! I like it because you can get both a natural Indian guide and astral messages just like Shaman and Indians did.

This pencil is very old and made with real 14 gold on the top and on the insignia. Both items can be placed on a chain and worn around the neck if you wish to do that.

The tooth is the connection and the pencil also holds power. You ask questions on any subject and you will get answers both telepathically and through writing. The pencil can also be used as one hell of a pendulum! I placed it on fishing line because through communication with the spirit I was told to. I lost the leads to the pencil.

I learned some very interesting things with this. I asked about types of aliens and how many worlds. All kinds of stuff.