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2-18-09 This is called the Ormus Pendulum. It is one of the most powerful pendulums. I do have another one of these but it is much different.

Ormus is a magic that originated in Egypt but was put out as being disinformation. It never was,it was done in this way so that people would not know then truth about some types of magic,Ormus being one if them.

This type of magic was discovered in the year 96CE by an Egyptian Priest and wizard. The magic was hidden by twisting it to fit the Christian religion hoping to bury it so that the little people would never learn it.

The man that tried to bring it back to light was known as Ormesius. The Priory of Sion tried also to twist the magic as well because there were things that no one wanted to get out.

There is alot of disinformation out there,one being that water can be turned to gold using this type of magic. This is NOT true. The one thing that is true is teleportation as one of the magics learned through this ancient Egyptian magic.

This piece holds that energy of the Ormus magic. It is POWERFUL!   This piece has had the energy of that magic placed into it using ancient places and hidden holds in Egypt. This pendulum uses that magic to guide you,give you power and infuse you with that magic.

This is hidden stuff,things that many in charge to do not want us to know. There is an entity that comes with this piece and it is called by us,the Shayterus Vien. It has given it's name as that.  You will be happy with this piece exteremly. Also you may change the chain it hangs on.