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2-18-09 Ghost Priests were from Arabia were they were both feared and persecuted. Ghost Priests were sorcerers,magicians and mediums. They practiced both the white light and the dark arts not because they choose a certain path but because they had to in order to access the realm of creatures and beings so that they could communicate with them.

Ghost Priests let themselves become possessed,their body became the vessel of another being for a short time so they could learn magic. They also did this so that they could access the spirits that they held as their own. The one thing they were great at was listening to the voices of the desert or the Djinn. Through doing this they could communicate to them telling them what they wanted and asking what the Djinn needed in return.

Being able to do this is part of why they were feared. Many did not want to get to know them in case they found fault and then placed a bad "wish" upon them.

Here is where it gets interesting. Some of these Ghost Priests were also never human and were supernatural beings. These types were in existence before the world was even formed. They hold supreme knowledge and can do all that the human ones could. How the human ones came into this power it is said or thought that after Noah they gave some humans the same ability and called them Ghost Priests as well.

It is also thought that when some of these people were given the power of the Muqarribun they allowed the Djinn to create the city of the old ones.  A now hidden city only reached now with the help of the Ghost Priests.

What these do for you. One of things you will do with these is to communicate with your Djinn and all other creatures except human spirits.