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2-18-09 Spirit mimics are very strange and that is putting it mildly. You could be coming in contact with them every day and not even know it. The problem with these beings is that they represent themselves as human spirits and other types of creatures. Some are good and some are malicious. This does not mean they are demons but just not so good spirits. The good ones are great and have feelings and agendas just like human beings do.

Sometimes these beings are called the in between beings and some even think they are an alien race. I know they are not an alien race from my own experience with them.

What these will do for you.

These will rid the home of any type of spirit that may represent itself as something it is not. It will do this if it is a malicious spirit.

I never recommend that anyone buy anything but I feel these would be helpful to many.

All of these are of a good nature,white light and CAN appear as a shadow being. This does NOT mean they are bad or evil. ALL of these have been tested and worked with for at least a few years. Victor began working these years ago.

I used one of these on my last investigation. I'm glad that I did. While I feel I did not need it,it was considered by me to be back up in a potentially confused state.