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Allow your eyes to feast upon this original Irish treat. The powers come to you from an investigation that was held via our correspondents in Ireland. However, we have tested each ever single one of the powers out and we concur that the powers are the real deal. We have examined them thoroughly and asides from the descriptions that were sent along, we have confirmed each of these powers.

Here are the collective souls of thirty-four leprechauns. All of these leprechauns are from the same coven, by default only. This meas that the coven is actually a union of five smaller semi-covens. Generally speaking, each of these little leprechauns will bring you powers associated with good luck. By good luck I mean that you will have success in all things that you do-- business ventures, relationships, cash investments, educational endeavors, etc. You will be brought into large sums of money and general wealth; you will begin to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

Additionally, you will experience nearly untainted health, as these pieces will give you the luck of pristine condition, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and physically. You will be a regular old little luck pot and the very description of the touche, “he gets everything handed to him.” Hey, if you don't have to work for it why should you? That's my philosophy.

As if this isn't enough of an offering, I'm not done offering you anything; not by a long shot. I told you that there are a total of 34 leprechaun spirits. I like to call them my Little Leppies, but then again I'm pretty weird. Anyway, when there are 34 leprechauns involved that means we are dealing with 34 tiny little people... 34 tiny, little extraordinarily cute and charming faces. That means we 34 separate entities and 34 separate personalities. This is where things begin to get interesting.

Remember when I told you that we have a coven of leprechauns that is actually a blended marriage of five semi-covens of leprechauns? Each and every one of these leprechauns has a distinct power that he or she will offer you. These powers are in addition to the powers that I described to you above. The leprechauns have been sorted into groups of similar powers and classified as follows:

1.) The Gallagher Clan: The name Gallagher means “lover of foreigners”... or in this case foreign powers.

2.) The MacKenna Clan: The name of this clan literally is deciphered as “fire sprung”... kind of makes you wonder, no?

3.) The Molony Clan: Their name means “servant of the church”. There is a reason we chose each one of these names, please read on.

4.) The McCarthy Clan: The Irish surname McCarthy is listed as meaning a “loving person”. I think you'll “love” the twist we put on it.

5.) The O'Callaghan Clan: How clever that we found one to rhyme. This is no coincidence. The folks from this clan are super smart, and they live up to the name's expectation well. This name translates, “bright headed” so expect great things.

Now that I've laid a general foundation for what to expect, allow me to elaborate. I will waste no time in delving into to each and every single one of the 34 little culprits. I will name them by clan, because I think if we stick to a simple classification, stand and deliver protocol, this will be pretty simple for all of us. So... here goes nothing!!

The O'Callaghan Clan

Last, and certainly never least in a clan that we named the O'Callaghans. O'Callaghan in its original Irish form means “bright headed” and this bunch is certainly not an exception. These folks have developed a paranormal variety that suits the needs of any and challenges the powers of all. Their focus is on development of the mind and using it as a vessel for many different factions of alchemy.

The mind is precious thing and when you have mastered it completely, then you will truly understand what the world is about. Then, will you be given full comprehension of what this world is all about. Why not amp things up a little bit?? This is what I'm talking about.

Ciaran: He is here to white wash your spirits. No, spirits aren't already white like Casper, it was just a joke. However, he is seriously going to offer you some servitude. What this pint size little friend of mine is offering you is a spiritual healing and cleansing. It will align your karma, clear your conscience, and brighten your aura. What more could you ask for as a beginning to your astral endeavors?

Padraig: Ever hear voices inside your head at night? No, you're not going crazy... well maybe you are who knows? However, it is possible that it is simply the other side trying to send communication through. This happens more times than we know it, and what this lad is offering you is the ability to fine tune these transmissions for a clearer broadcast. He will open up your third eye chakra and allow for progressive spiritual communication; and it's about time, I was getting sick of Jennifer Love Hewitt!!

Ciara: This young lassie offers an ability that will allow you to fully maximize your spiritual beings. What she will do for you is act as an intermediary between you and the astral realm. She will teach you how to project yourself onto the astral realm This will allow you to visit far away places on the astral realm and obtain more power.

Cian: This guy will do you a vast favor. He will help you reduce tension and take a load of from stress at work, school, etc. He is going to act as your spiritual chiropractor and align all seven of your chakras for you. Once this is done you will be transformed into a continuous state of spiritual bliss. This will, in turn, heighten your state of spiritual awareness. This will better you as a person and help you fit in better in the over all scheme of things.

Celia: This little lady has a power all of her own. No really, she created it. It's called matter transfusion. I don't know the particulars of it, because I'm not as smart as she is when it comes to her power (duh...), but this power lets you perform one of three actions. You can either create realms, alter realms, or dissipated realms altogether. This is a relatively new, but extremely useful conept that is sure to keep you entertained.

Bram: The final little guy that I am going to present to you is named Bram. Bram has the power of psychokinesis. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is the ability to move things with your mind, like... without using your hands at all. Pretty cool, right? Well this power will be all yours, because Bram is going to make sure of it.

I know that was a lot of information, but it is also a lot of powers. The essences of these 34 little leprechaun friends will help you become more powerful. But remember most are a product of their own demise and never forget that what goes around comes around Do not use these powers for bad purposes are you will be sure to pay the pauper. I assure that. Other than that, keep these, give some away... whatever you want to do. Just make sure that whatever it is you do, you have fun doing it!! Also remember while each comes with their own powers and personalities they all are alike in the above opening paragraphs,wealth,health and all the rest.

All Leprechauns are are set in real hand blown glass homes and sterling silver. They are shaped like little tea pots because with the wealth they bring it is like having a docile Djinn.