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For those of you who know who VM is you might have heard about the stages he had to pass through becoming a Catholic priest.

He had to go three days with no food or water and then lay on a slab of concrete and witness Jesus being nailed to the cross. He was able to move through time and they were called pillars and stages. At that time he was fine a religious person who really did want to help people,this was before the stages.

I don't know if it was ever on the radio show or if it was just something he told me. One of the things I personally feel led him away from the church is what he told me. VM told me that before passing the stages and pillars he worked in the church and would often hear the peoples problems. Sometimes a woman would come in who's husband died and she would have no money and he was told to take donations from her so that her husband would get to heaven. Other times people would come in that had no food and he was told to still take money from them because they MUST give to the church. He found it very corrupt as I do. Seeing these things led him to believe that something was very wrong yet he hung on.

Not making excuses for him but I can see where that might put a person off of religion or at least ones own church. I think the ultimate turning point came for him when he did pass the pillars. he refused to tell me much about it except that it has a lot to do with time and that he said we have already passed through revelations and that time is just repeating itself now as I type. That I have lived this same life before and that destiny can not be changed. I argued about this and said but I can change it,I have magicals that can even do it. He told me that yes I was changing it but that too was a predetermined destiny!

I don't know if this is true or not. What I do know is that if you can go from being a priest to being a dark soul something had to shake you up. Being a real living vampire has nothing to do with it and I know this from personal experience. I know this because I know personally and closely more then a few living vampires,they are good and I don't believe they are with out soul. I feel that being with out soul is a choice.

Some of you may not agree with me on that BUT then how do you account for those that are vampires and turned not of their own free will? Do you really think that God would damn their souls? If you believe that then you believe that a new born baby that dies is also destined for hell? I doubt it.

Some of the things VM says do make sense. We can even look to the story of Judas. It is obvious that Judas was born to play a huge part in having Jesus nailed to the cross. Was it not Gods plan to have this done? I believe it was,so if it was then why should he be forever in hell? I argue this forever with many,mainly Lindy who does not agree with me.

I sell items that allow communication with God. I need none of these items as I have been doing this sense I was a baby. I'm not perfect and have my moments of insanity and sometimes a terrible temper. No one is perfect but I think it comes down to our core,the soul in which we can not change. little things in life can become big things and they effect us to sometimes unchangable imprinting. I think this is what happened to VM. The man vamp is greedy and yet seems shook up by what he saw. The piece I'm offering you today is NOT dark in anyway. This piece gives you passage through the pillars.

I know that when VM would speak of this he would tell me that nothing we believe is true and that I had no idea of anything. I don't know what this means but I know it has effected him beyond redemption. VM said that there is a great reason the church is corrupt and that the passage explained it to him and gave him a superior intelligence and understanding,he was above all of us. I don't know about all of that but this is the piece he always held that could take him again and again to the pillars.

What I do notice about the piece is that on the back time is going backwards. Could there be something to what he says about time? The stages of Christs crucifixion are also backwards and scrambled. It is indeed odd. His image on the front shows a mere man. Does this give credibility to the fact that we too can become like Gods from mere men? I don't know but I have tested slightly this piece. When I say slightly I say it because I went to the first pillar and saw a totally different world and then stopped there. It was enough to let me know it did work.

I think this is a very special piece that could be in great need in the times I see coming. We only need to turn on the news to see the world has gone insane,wars,rioting and people being overthrown. What is yet again strange is that Obama is being looked at to fix it all. What if he does? What does that mean. I feel this is a great piece of power. This is NOT dark. I would tell you if it was. This is made out of nothing but metal but worth every penny. I feel it would crack the mind code and open you up to things you could never imagine.