Sex With the Satyr-- His Very Own Wine Cup
Sex With the Satyr-- His Very Own Wine Cup

Sex With the Satyr-- His Very Own Wine Cup

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Sex With the Satyr-- His Very Own Wine Cup

"If the ocean was wine and I was duck, 
I'd swim to the bottom and never come up."  

Anyone that knows anything about a Satyr knows that they love two things:  sex and wine.  This really had me thinking that maybe in a past life I was a Satyr too.  Why?  Because Anyone who knows anything about Steve knows that he loves two things:  sex and wine.  In fact, I don't really ever just limit myself to wine. I love all types of alcohol.  I like to experience a full range of tastes so that way I can feel like my taste buds are doing their jobs.  Of course, I'm really just kidding about being a Satyr, but how cool would that really be? I mean, it would even be cool to be able to experience the power and sex of the Satyr-- to see if they really know their way around the human body, you know?  I mean, it has to be better than sex with mortals, especially the ones who have absolutely no idea what they are doing.  Okay, so maybe I'm a little freaky but it can't be any worse than that time I was baking cookies and Deedee was like, "Bang 'em out Steve!! Bang 'em like you got banged over the weekend!"  Needless to say that was a good batch of cookies.  

The point of the story is, for so long I searched for a piece that would allow me to experience astral sex with a Satyr, in spirit form of course.  They are supposed to be one of the most powerful type of sexual beings to exist and I know it might seem selfish, but I think of all people I should be the one to experience that privilege-- you know, sex with a Satyr.  Lo, and behold, my dream has come true with the acquisition of this item.  

When Deedee first gave me this item, she told me, "Steve it's your dream come true." I got really excited, but after several days of testing the item I because discouraged because I did everything that I could have possibly done to activate the power that both Deedee and I could feel emanating from this cup.  I almost gave up when Deedee suggested that I try drink from the cup. I told her I did.  She asked me what.  I told her water.  She told me to try something else-- like wine.  God, sometimes that woman is a genius-- because not only did the wine work, but it worked so well that I decided not to only test this cup once, but use it again and again.

When I first began using the cup I tried to be classy and just have one glass. It was a nice refreshing glass of Sauvignon Blanc from the Bordeaux region of France.  It tasted almost just like sparkling white grape juice, which we Catholics have grown to be extremely fond of over the years.  In fact, it was so good that I had another.  And that glass was so good that I had another.  I'm sure you can see where this is going.  Anyhow I sat there on the couch drinking and concentrating on the powers that I was ingesting.  Then, I I began to feel the hands all over my body.  In a rush of sexual heat and energy, I began to feel strong, but gentle hands all over my body, caressing me in areas that are usually off bounds to people.  Although at first I couldn't see where the feeling was coming from, eventually a form began to take shape, in the perfect form of man from the back my brain and my most epic sexual fantasies.  To my surprise, the Satyr didn't come to me as a goat man.  Rather, the satyr in spirit form, conformed to my own wants and needs and sexual desires.  It molded to my own sexual energy to provide me with a tantalizing night of sex that surpassed any that I have ever experienced with a human.  That's why I love this job.  Deedee always let's me test the sex pieces.  Can I get a witness??  

Anyhow, I used this piece more than once.  In fact, I used it so many times I have determined that the more you drink from the cup while using this piece the stronger the Satyr will appear to you and in fuller form and figure, the deeper and more passionate your experience will be and the more pleasureful and mind blowing your orgasms will be.  The Satyr will take any form that you desire it to take.  It will probably take the form of a proverbial satyr if you really want to hook up with a goat man that has hooves and an animal phallus.  I mean, hey, whatever floats your boat.  This piece is here to provide you with your ultimate pleasure and fantasy and not the other way around.  Get ready and let loose, because you are in for a waterfall of sexual pleasure with this item.  

Remember, to activate the piece all you have to do is drink wine from it.  It doesn't matter what type of wine, either.  I tested this theory with multiple times and each time had the same result-- tantalizing, mind blowing sex from the most powerful form of sex spirit.  I wanted to keep the cup, but Deedee was concerned that I was drinking a little too much wine.  That is why we are now offering this piece on the website.  If sex is your thing and you're freaky like me, this piece is definitely up your alley.  No pun intended!! 

Pictured on the cup itself are two very large satyr heads, in obvious fashion.  It is the heads that will bring you your power because as you fill the cup up with wine, it activates the powers.  As you drink the wine down, the energy is transferred to you upon which your own satyr sex spirits will be summoned.  It really is the best combination because not only are you getting delicious wine, but you are getting astral orgasms-- the best kind around!! Enjoy!