Gilles De Rais' Alchemy Ash Eater

Gilles De Rais' Alchemy Ash Eater

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Gilles De Rais was born sometime in September of 1405 under the name Gilles deMontmorency-Laval in a time when loving your children wasn't exactly the epitome of business.  In fact having them was more or less a means of population growth and having a successor to your throne-- that is, if you had a throne.  He was reared by his maternal grandfather before leaving to "join the army."  He eventually became a leader in the French army, becoming a knight and lord of Brittany.  He was a companion-in-arms of Joan of Arc and he gained the favor of the Duke of Brittany and was admitted in the French Court.  From the year 1427 to 1435, Gilles served as a commander of the Royal Army and fought alongside Joan of Arcagainst the English and their Burgundian allies in the Hundred Years War.  He was eventually appointed the Marshal of France.  

In 1435 he retired himself from the military life.  He went on to completely deplete his wealth.  He did this in staging an extravagant theatrical spectacle of his own composition.  Eventually, Gilles would come under fire for a series of murders, most of them being children murders and numbering in the hundreds.  The killings finally came to an end when a violent dispute with a clergyman led to an ecclesiastical investigation.  It was found that he was guilty of the crimes and was tried he was tried for murder.  In front of a large audience of the parents and families of those he had murdered, he was condemned to death and hanged at Nantes on the 26th of October in 1440.  However, his story wasn't over and is far from being over, as he has left behind his own secret court of individuals who carry on his legacy of magic and the occult.  

His craving for magic and the occult never really came to light during his trial.  I mean, it did but it wasn't the centerpiece of his trial.  He was accused of dabbling in magic, but never did anyone realize the depth to which he was involved with it.  In fact, it it wasn't for the fact that he was so in love with magic, he probably never would have turned to murder in the first place.  As the story goes, Gilles turned to the occult after he splurged his wealth on the extravagant theater show that he wrote himself.  The theater show was a colossal failure and I guess after the fact it really found Gilles feeling a in bad spirits and in a bad type of way.  I mean, he had just splurged all his money, hoping to gain fame and fortune, but instead it flopped.

In 1438, Gilles sent out one Eustache Blanchet in search of individuals who knew alchemy and demon summoning.  Blanchet ended up contacting Prelati in Florence and convinced him to take served with his master.  Prelati, a traveling Breton, showed up at Gilles estate with his book of magic.  After a little while of staying with Gilles and teaching him in the ways of magic, for which Gilles had to cough up even more dough, he left Gilles.  This is when Gilles decided that he would initiate experiments himself, summoning a demon and attempting to sign a contract with him for wealth.  

As no demon manifested, the Gilles became frustrated and threatened to behead Prelati.  To this Prelati informed him that demon had also contacted him, demanding pieces of child sacrifices. So, Gilles did just that.  He sacrificed the pieces of the children, after which he burned the piece and ate the ashes.  This was to ingest the magic that the demon had supposedly given him through the process.  He also ate the ashes of other wealthy people whom he murdered, but nothing seemed to work for Gilles, as this is what happens when you make a pact with the devil.  There are rarely results in your favor.  There are always double crossings, because there is a reason why a demon is a demon.  Just as Lucifer tried to double cross God, he has taught his demons to double cross and use any means necessary to gain their victims souls.  It was a tragic event the whole way around.  

By now I'm sure you're wonder how we have managed to gain anything positive out of this whole good versus evil melee?  A while back, I'm talking like five years or more, we did an investigation while were in New Orleans.   During the investigation we obtained an ancient manuscript that was documented by Gilles de Rais on the proper way to ingest the powers of others by consuming their ashes.  There was an alchemy spell that had to be said and a special process that had to be done.  This documentation was being used by a local Voodoo woman who had literally absorbed all of her powers through this method.  She had died prior to us arriving in New Orleans and when we were invited to do an investigation of her estate, we found it-- secretly, of course, and kept it for ourselves.  We have been working with this manuscript ever since then, to keep the power out of the hands of those it didn't belong in for one.  For two, we wanted to be able to neutralize the power to use it for good.   

After years of playing with the power we have finally found a way to turn the teachings in this manuscript into a white light alchemy form.  We have used it to make a few items that we are now offering up for sale.  You don't have to eat anyone's ashes.  Rather, all you have to do is come into contact with the individual.  The piece that you are wearing will automatically assume the powers of that individual, as if you had really ingested their ashes in the alchemy process laid forth by Gilles de Rais.  The best part about this piece is that you don't even have to contact these people physically.  Rather, you can summon whomever you want to gain power form spiritually, and do it that way if you choose.    Just make sure that when you do, you make contact with the spirits energy.  The piece will read the powers of the target person, replicate them, and the will be yours for the taking.  This is all done by using white magic that we have pumped into the Gilles method of doing things.  There are no negative undertones to this power at all, and there are no negative side effects or consequences.  It merely allows you and your body to absorb the powers of others, as well as freestanding powers in the atmosphere, that way you can use them as your own!

We had to test this one just a tad but more. This piece does hold a TON of sexual power as well. It seems he was a bit of a sex fiend. You need to be aware because we can't remove this as it was his essense.