Black Eyed Soul Suckers
Black Eyed Soul Suckers

Black Eyed Soul Suckers

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The following is an encounter that one of our customers had with what society deems as the "black eye children."  Generally speaking, proof of these black eye children is few and far between.  What's creepier is that nobody seems to know what these black eyed children are.  I know that is sounds bad that I am basically referring to these children as "things," but you have to understand that these children are "things."  While I'm not saying that these children aren't animate, they certainly aren't human.  I'm also not saying that some of them aren't lonely, travelling souls, but they have been programmed by our government to destroy.  Our government does some shady things sometimes-- okay all the time.  This is one of their more covert operations, and the only reason I know this is because of the power in this piece that specifically allowed me to bi-locate to the base where these children are being created.  They are created using ancient animorphic powers-- a power that the government has because they are so deeply-rooted in societies such as the Illuminati and the Freemasons.  I will be telling our client's story as if I was actually her.  Names have been switched to protect the identity of our client.   

It was shortly after the beginning of the school year, when my son Adam came home and told me about his new friend Sophia.  He met her in school, it was his first year of 1st Grade.  I was happy that he was making friends, so when he asked if Sophia could come over to the house to play, I was excited.  Adam has a mild form of autism and even though you would barely notice and he is very high functioning, he sometimes has a problem making friends.  Kindergarten was a nightmare for us, and being a single mother it kind of took a toll on me.  This year seemed to be going much better for us, and the thought that Adam was making friends overjoyed me.  It was later that night that Adam was laying on the floor in the living room watching Sponge Bob episodes that he drew a picture of his new friend Sophia.  It was a stick figure, with a round jovial face, except where the eyes were supposed to be were big black circles. I questioned Adam about the eyes and told me that Sophia has eyes, but when they aren't around the teachers she hides them.  He laughed and told me that it was funny when she made the other kids in his class growl like a dog or pick their nose.  

The following day I suggested to Adam that maybe we should wait until we know Sophia a little better to invite her over, or perhaps we should meet her parents.  He told me that we couldn't meet her parents because she lives with her sister. At the very thought of not being able to play with his new friend, Adam seemed very sad, so I eventually caved and agreed to keeping theFriday afternoon playdate.  When Sophia showed up, I heard a tapping at the window.  Thank god I caught her before Adam did.  First of all, how did she know where we lived?  I hadn't talked to her or her sister.  Second, her little smile seemed sinister from the get go.  Her eyes looked normal at this point.  I beckoned her to the door.  I opened it and she stood there staring up at me with her sinister little smile.  I asked her if she was going to come in, to which she informed me that she had to be invited.  As I'm big into vampire stuff, and the image of her black-hole eyes still burned in the forefront of my mind, I decided not to ask her to come in and I'll be damned if she didn't stand right at the front of my door refusing to come in because I didn't specifically invite her.

She stood there as I called for Adam and he came running down from his bedroom.  The children played for an hour or two before Sophia asked if she could have a drink.  So we all walked back to the house.  I had totally forgotten about the whole invite thing by then, but was quickly reminded when Adam and myself made our way through the door and into the kitchen.  I went to ask Sophia if she would like a drink and when I turned around, she was still standing in the doorway.  It was odd, so I took her a drink of water to the door, where she asked me if she could enter.  I told her that it was such a beautiful day out and suggested that we go back outside.  She stomped her foot, but agreed.  Another hour went by and it was time for Adam's bath and to get settled for the night.  Sophia followed us to the door.  

"May I come in, Adam?," Sophia asked from beneath her evil smile and crazy gaze.  

"Mom?," Adam asked.  

"Another time," I replied.  

"But I'm not done playing...," demanded Sophia. 

"Well it's time for Adam to come in," I replied, becoming a bit impatient.  That is when her eyes changed color and turned into a deep, shiny, black that I could see my own reflection.  

"But the sun is still shining!," yelled Sophia.  

"Another time..." I insisted.  She began to grow visibly impatient and her speech turned into a raspy growl.  She frightened Adam and truth be told, she even frightened me a little bit as her lip began to snarl.  

"But I HAVE TO USE THE BATHROOM!!," She wailed.  

"There's a gas station on the corner, now run along, Sophia... And please don't return," I instructed her.  

That was the last time either I or Adam saw Sophia.  Adam told me that she had stopped coming to his class and that he no longer seen her sister waiting to pick her sister up after the bell rang.  Weeks later, I found this piece in my son's sandbox.  It was the ring that Sophia was wearing around her neck on a chain.  She said it was given to her by her parents.  It wasn't until later that I found out who Sophia's parents actually were.  It was the United States Government, that's who!  She is a soulless form that was created by the government.  These entities were sent forth by the government in the guise of children.  The point was for the children to make good with people, leech their way into being invited into their house, and then go in to suck the souls out of their body, to replace these folks with the black-eyed existence.  The souls would then be collected by the government to sell to the Devil for commodities such as wealth and immortality.

Okay, its us again, Haunted Curiosities.  So, what we were able to find out is that these black eye kids are pre-programmed soulless shells that were sent to do exactly what our client has said.  The piece that she found, she sent to us.  Through testing the piece we were able to find out that this piece is where the "soul-sucking" powers of the black eyed children come from.  I know that the powers in the piece were made with some form of ancient Illuminati necromancy magic.  However, that is all we were able to find out.  We blasted it full of white light and protection powers.  Now, what we have is a piece that will suck the powers of out people who are in your vicinity.  What I mean is if you just so happen to come across the company of a vampire or werewolf or witch or wizard, you can use this piece as a magnet that will suck all of the magical powers out of their body and bring it to yourself.  This piece also acts as a shield, so that nobody can ever snatch your soul.  It also wards off evil entities.  This is probably the easiest way to gain power that I have seen in a long time.  I mean, rather than have to develop your own, you can just go take the powers of other, leaving them powerless and unable to steal the powers back.  It's an incredible power when not being used by those damned little black eyes creeps.  Either way, this power is still very powerful!  Enjoy! 

Sterling silver about a size 8 to 8 and a half