Chronovisor Turned ChristVision, Same Song, Different Dance
Chronovisor Turned ChristVision, Same Song, Different Dance

Chronovisor Turned ChristVision, Same Song, Different Dance

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Religious miracles are some of the most incredible happenings.  Not that it is a bad thing, but they all seem to pretty much go the same way.  There is kind of apparition, then you get powers of this or that.  However, in today's age of skeptics and people who don't believe because they are too dumbed down and prone to believing that what isn't tangible isn't real, the value of these types of goings-on have greatly diminished.  There are fewer and fewer of these miracles that can be said to have happened beyond a shadow of a doubt.  This piece is one that, in terms of time, is relatively new.  It was made by an unlikely trio.  These three were Father PellegrinoErnetti, who was a Benedictine monk; a Nobel Prize winning Physicist, Werner Von Braun; and time-travel, all-knowing prophet Nostradamus.  

According to Ernetti, he was given the secrets to making a very unusual time machine type invention when he was visited by Nostradamus in a vision that he had after putting himself into a trance-like state.  I mean, it can't be too surprising I suppose.  Nostradamus was always into those space-traveling, time-traveling, prophecy type things.  According to Ernetti is was he that gave him the secrets-- and the instructions-- to build what would become known as theChronovisor.  

Ernetti set out to build the machine, as instructed, recruiting the likes of Werner Von Braun.  When they were finished, what they had created was nothing short of a miracle.  It was called the Chronovisor and originally it was meant to be able to tune into any event in the past.  According to the pair, they had travelled to the time of Christ's Crucifixion, the Last Supper, and Napoleon and Cicero.  However, after travelling to these places, the pair decided it would be better off to dismantled the device, citing that fact that it the technology fell into the wrong hands, it could produced a fearsome world dictatorship.  

However, I have insider information that tells otherwise.   I also have the piece to prove, as always.  It turns out that the pair was actually forced to dismantle the device by the Catholic Church, who wants people to believe what they tell them, not always the pristine truth.  They were afraid that if this device got into the hands of the common people, they would realize that the Catholic Church sits upon a bed lies.  I'm not saying that all Catholics are bad, just as all Americans are bad-- but the people at the top often time crave power and unfortunately theuppercrust of the times were starving.  This is when it was dismantled and set away in one of the secret chambers of Vatican City.  The Powers of the original Chronovisor were then set into a series of piece that allowed top religious officials to be able to use any mirror or looking glass as a portal in which to view the past events, but only of Christ and other religious events.  Not only did it allow them to see these events, but it allowed them to travel through the mirror to take part in the events and to absorb any powers that were present at the events; and to bring this thing full-circle, that in itself, is a grand religious miracle.  Not the common type, but a religious miracle none the less.  

Well, you know what is coming next, as we pride ourselves in gaining the most unique types of powers!  We have one of the piece from the Vatican that the original powers of the Chronovisorhas been set into.  With this piece, you will also have the power to use a mirror or looking glass as a portal through which to view religious events of the life of Christ and the Church.  You can also use the items as a portal through which to travel to whichever event you want, to absorb the powers thereof.  For instance, you could travel to the Last Supper to gain the secrets of the Holy Grail.  You could travel to the Holy Birth of Christ as a means of receiving your own spiritual rebirth.  Or, you could travel to the Baptism of Christ, to receive the Baptism of the Holy Fire.  The piece is extraordinary and brings about extraordinary powers.  If you have been searching for an extreme white light power, then look no longer-- this piece is for you!
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