The Hidden Maps of Piri
The Hidden Maps of Piri
The Hidden Maps of Piri

The Hidden Maps of Piri

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This piece is amazing bit of treasure and tells the story of mankind's history.  Well, it also tells the story of the extraterrestrial influence that has been upon mankind for some time now.  There are people that would say that the fact that aliens exist is hodge-podge, but then again, those are probably the religious Bible-Thumper type of people that think that the only thing that ever existed was recorded in Bible.  Let us not forget the vast quantity of history that predates the Bible, or was occurring while the Bible was being written.  They seem to forget their facts, but to think that humankind is the only type of living existence in the entire universe, you'd have to be pretty conceited.  Our planet, which seems so big to us, isn't even on the intergalactic map once it is blown up and all known existence is taken into account.  The point is that this piece will boggle your mind, while giving you amazing knowledge!  

Retired Navy captain, Arlington H Mallory was extremely mystified when he first was what is called the Piri map.  As a hobby, the captain often took to examining maps and this time he was examining one that was called the Piri Map.  It was called so because it was commissioned by one Piri Ibn Haji Memmed in 1513, and if you can say his name right you get an extra prize.  The map had drawn the attention of many scholars in 1929, after it had been discovered in the Imperial Palace at Constantinople.  

The outline of South America was shown surprisingly accurately, considering Columbus had only just "discovered" South American some 20 years ago, in 1492.  You know, when he sailed the ocean blue?  Note made by Piri indicated that he had based his map off of even earlier maps, including one that had been consulted by Columbus years before his famous voyage.  This rang with excitement in the world of scholars, given the fact that there had been rumors of a pre-Colombian map of the New World.  Piri's claim is that he has possessed what has become to know as the "lost map."  

It wasn't exactly the Lost Maps' accuracy of South America that intrigued the scholars such a Captain Mallory the most.  Moreover it was what was shown at the very bottom of the map, which was a chunk of land that was drawn to resemble Antarctica, almost to a tee.  This is a bit contradictory to modern history books, that will tell you that the world's most southern continent wasn't discovered until approximately 1820 AD.  Even more intriguing was the Southern coastline of the continent where present day Queen Maud Land exists.  The thing is that this Queen Maud Land had been covered by a very thick sheet of ice for many centuries, with its shape pretty much unknown.  Eve scientists today have to use seismographic technology to even get a vague map of what Antarctica looks like.  

Mallory got to thinking and he came up with the hypothesis that Antarctica was photographed from the air in ancient time, to which most modern day scholars discredited him.  You know how they are.  They are so hoighty-toighty and if they don't agree with what is being said, then plainly it's not true.  That's funny because one Professor Charles Hapgood of Keene State College at the University of New Hampshire dared to believe.  He set out on his own mission to prove that what Mallory was saying was, indeed, correct.  This led to him writing a book, which is really just a very long way for him to say that there was one ancient, worldwide, civilization with super-advanced technology.  This civilization destroyed and the technology was lost.  Hello, we've been saying this all along!!  

So, then what is the truth?  Eric Von Daniken was the one to make the most sense of it.  He stated that the Piri map looks exactly like what the world would look like if it was photographed from space-- directly over Cairo Egypt.  Folks, here is your missing link.  The ancient technology that was given to the people that existed back then came from people who actually had the ability travel here-- from the skies.  There is no other way in and there are no other ways out.  They had to come from the sky.  However, you don't have to take my word for it.  Let the truth and knowledge that this piece brings you tell you all about it.  

It turns out that some of the aliens that brought us technology's remained on Earth.  They live in a series of wormholes and gigantic craters that have been carved out of the South Pole-- yes that's right, I'm talking about Antarctica.  The reason humans have no idea about these structures is one, because they way down deep under the crust of Earth and two, it's way too cold for scientists to be able to dig around consistently; but it isn't for the advanced race that still lives there!  They are alive and thriving and the continue to visit those people who believe to offer them the truth and knowledge.  

Listen, this piece was given to us by a strange and unusual visitor.  He was clad in an all black, almost tuxedo like suit.  He wore sunglasses on his eyes and spoke very few words.  We got an email from him one day that asked if we could meet up with him at night, in a nearby wildlife reserve.  So, we did, and I'll be damned if he didn't even have those sunglasses on at night.  He went to the back of the care he was driving, which was some really oversize Buick and opened his trunk.  A blue-ish light shone from his trunk and when he was done he came back with this item.  He handed it to us, got back in his clunker and left.  We did the same, and about two miles down the only road to leave the wildlife reserve, we realized that he was no longer there.  Oh well, what's mysterious I guess shall remain so. 

Listen, this piece is serious business.  When you wear this piece you are given a holographic map of the entire universe.  To use the map, simply close your eyes and peer at the inside of your eyelids. Much like virtual reality, a map will appear; and as long as you keep your eyelids closed, you can spin 360 degrees and you will still be in your virtual reality.  There are places of power and magic clearly marked on the map.  There are worlds, and species, and areas of different powers clearly marked on the map.  The only think you need to do is determine where it is that you want to go and the power in this map will take you there, astrally, of course.  It is a 3-D replication of the universe and it will be like you are actually there.  You can feel, touch, and experience as if you were actually there.  You will be able to travel to places to learn about the universe, and you will be able to bring back any powers that you find along your travels, as they will automatically be stored for later use, inside the piece that you are wearing.  This is the power that Piri used when orchestrating the map that has left scientists befuddled, wondering how he accomplished this feat.  It was the ancient technology that was delivered to him.  This power has been cast and re-cast into different pieces over the years, but they remain authentic and just as powerful.  That is why with this piece, you will be able to experience the thrill of a lifetime when you will be able to use your mind to project yourself into any part of reality that you wish to visit.  There are no limitations on the way, how often, or where you travel with your piece.  Bon Voyage! 

Sterling silver size 8 with multiple stones bound as one.