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The Sphinx 2.0: Man-Cats and the White City

The race to find the "White City" took foot in the 1920s. Several expeditions came back without any substantial results.  Some of these exploratory factions didn't make it back at all.  We are talking about some of the last regions in the world to be scientifically explored.  I guess it's safe to say that this is to be expected when you are attempting to charter the unknown.  The most famous of the early expeditions to take place in search of the White City came in the 1940s.  The quite eccentric explorer Theodore Morde mounted this exploration under the aegis of the Museum of the American Indian.  Interesting side note-- this museum is now part of the Smithsonian Institution.  

The region, known as Mosquitia, was good to Morde.  He returned with thousands of artifacts, claiming to have entered the White City.  According to the esteemed explorer, the indigenous people there said it contained a giant, buried statue of a monkey god.  He refused to divulge the location due to fear that the site would be looted.  He told the Indian Museum that it was one of the most beautiful placed he has ever seen on Earth and that he was awe-struck when he actually came upon the city.  Unfortunately, Mr. Morde was never able to return.  He later committed suicide and almost all the knowledge that he had spent years of his life collecting was gone.  

More recently, substantial developments have been made into the whereabouts of the "White City," this time with a little less of an expectation of finding a giant buried monkey god.  I can't say that the piece I'm bringing to you will give you the powers of the Monkey God, either, because it won't.  Rather this piece does something else very special for the person who keeps it, which you find out about later in this description!  Headway into the reinvigorated search for a lost city was made after 52 artifacts were found peeking from the earth.  Many more, inevitably, lie below and the possibility of finding hidden chambers in the ground is monumental! The artifacts that have been found include finely carved vessels decorated with snakes, zoomorphicfigures, and vultures.  

The most striking of these figures is the head of a were jaguar.  I'm not certain whether this means the body of  man with the head of a cat, or the body of a cat with the head of a man.  What I can tell you is that most of these objects were found at the base of an earthen pyramid  and they are believed to vessels that were used in dedications ceremonies and offerings to a pantheon that has not yet been unraveled.  In fact, this new development has all come within the last two weeks.  We were lucky enough to have one of our team members-- well at least one of our connections-- at the dig.  

Before things start to get extra interesting, let me just recap for you.  So... we have sacrificial vessels, zoomorphic images, pyramids, vultures and sacred man-cats.  If this doesn't begin to ring a bell for you, then I don't know what you are doing still reading this description.  However, if you ask me, these findings scream EGYPTIAN!!!  I mean, it doesn't take more than using the piece that we was made for us to really understand that this place is, in fact, and ancient Egyptian outreach.  Not many people realize the the Egyptians were actually a seafaring people.  C'mon they live right on the Mediterranean AND we're talking about the same group that was once (probably more than that) visited by extraterrestrials that gave them advances secrets of travel.  Of course, these secrets have been lost with the demise of the once great Alexandrian Library; but it doesn't change the fact that the Egyptians were what they were.  

The piece that has been sent to us was made using the ancient powers of a shrine that was found near the pyramid complex in Mosquitia.  Just for reference, Mosquitia is a land that is in Honduras, in Central America.  It is Central America's own little Amazon and much of the terrain hasn't even been documented.  These are the powers that lie in the unknown.  The knowledge that lies within the piece was summoned from the ancient shrine of what has been described as a "were-jaguar."  This concept is consistent with, and shares all the knowledge of the ancient Sphinx in Egypt.  Now, we all know that ancient Sphinx holds and is the guardian of the timeless knowledge of the Egyptians.  Aside from this, the capstone of the Earthen pyramid that was discovered in Honduras correlates with the capstone of the pyramids of Giza.  This means that the Egyptians were the once who attempted the settle and colonize this vast terrain.   This also means the magic that the Egyptians practiced was equally shared with whomever it was that existed in this jungle confine.  Why did the civilization just up and disappear from the face of the Earth?  Well, it was more like a spiritual rapture.  The White City is not some place that has ever been physical, but rather it is a place among realms where the ancient rapturedthemselves to in order to live in peace and harmony, away from the encroaching (and ignorant I might add) European explorers, namesakely the Spanish Conquistadors.  As legend stands, the White City was a place for the ancients to hide from these encroaching barbarians and a safe haven for all the magic that they have ever practiced.  This is also why Morde committed suicide-- to rapture himself into the White City.  

Now, the powers you get with this piece is the ability to enter the realm known as the White City.  It contains all the divine power, magic, and knowledge of the people of Mosquitia.  Keep in mind, this is also the power of the Ancient Egyptians that has been kept hidden in the pyramids and the Sphinx.  When you use this piece to elevate your soul into the White City you will be given all of the ancient and sacred knowledge that has been contained in the pyramids and the sphinx, as well as the Pyramid and Shrine of the Jaguar in the region that we are calling the New City.  One day, perhaps explorers will realize the connection, until then, this piece is plenty of proof.  If will give you all the powers and knowledge of the ancient Egyptians and the New City that you have ever wanted, and then more.  I can't rightly give you a list of all the powers that you will gain with this knowledge, it might take me hours to document them, because the knowledge incorporates all the powers and magic that have occurred over the expanse of time.  However, I can tell you from personal experience this is most likely the most powerful piece you will have ever experienced with magic that will put you in the ranks of people like Shine, Tomer, and Raviniska.  SO, this is not something you want to dwell on.  If you are hungry for top-notch power then this is your piece.  Don't let it pass you by. 

Right now one of our own is still on the dig and we are very excited for this!!  This ring is very unusual and I don't know what it is made of. It could be silver but it is so old it could have come off or back then there were no markings. The center stone is flash with the setting and it is unusual,weird but I have no idea what it is. It looks like blood, a stone or an eye? All I can tell you is that it is weird and you feel this power!