Philia, Storge, Agape, Eros
Philia, Storge, Agape, Eros
Philia, Storge, Agape, Eros

Philia, Storge, Agape, Eros

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Four famous men once wrote a song that insists that all you need is love.  I agree for the most part.  Some chocolate and spending money would be nice every once in awhile, too.  Okay, but on a serious note, love is a very powerful emotion.  It is the basic emotion that we as humans thrive upon.  Everyone needs love in their life, whether it is in one form or another.  Love helps you develop as a person to be who you will be, and everyone desires to feel it.  There is no denying it; so, this piece as simple as it might be, is a very powerful tool in helping you develop the four different kinds of love that there are.  

In modern day, there is pretty much just one work that refers to what is meant by the feeling love. However, the ancient Greeks were very poetic in the words they chose to use.  This is why when the wrote they often used more than one work to describe the four major types of love.  We have contacted a Greek sorcerer to explain this better for us, that way when we are making loves spells we know which route to expand upon.  People have it wrong sometimes, love spells can be for anybody.  They most commonly refer to that romantic love between two people.  However, I have performed love spells for people who felt like their families were falling apart or like they weren't good enough parent, etc.  With this piece there are four love powers that you will be receiving and they will each help you in a different way.  The main component of the piece, which is the cherubic little cupid, contains the powers of Eros, who was the love God in ancient times.  

The first type of love this piece embodies is called Philia.  This type of love is described as the love between friends.  This love is one that will allow you develop lasting a meaningful friendships.   It will allow to see through the minds of people, to know their true intentions.  This way you will be able to be a better judge of character and you will be able to make wiser decisions when you choose who will be your friends and who will be simply your acquaintances.  This will help you in the long run by not being taken advantage of, run down by putting too much effort into your engagements with people, and being able to tell if people are good to have around your family.  

Speaking of family, that brings me to the next kind of love you will gain with this piece.  It is called Storge and is recognized as a fondness through familiarity and is often referred to as affection.  The power in this segment of the piece will give you strong familial ties.  In a society where the family unit is eroding, the power in this piece will help hold your family together at the seems that way they will never be apart.  It will act as a white light protection piece for your family, as well.  It is the perfect power for those of you who have families that could possibly be is harms way or live far apart, that way you will always stay close and will always be safe.  The powers in this piece will act as your personal, family guardian angel.  

The next kind of love power that you get with this piece is Agape.  This is that unconditional type of love.  This power in this portion of the piece will come to you and allow you to see through potential partners intentions.  Actually, it will guide that one true soulmate in your direction.  In the meantime, it will help you weed out those that truly love you and those who don't, that way you can experience love without being cheated on, pushed around, or drug through the mud.  It will literally act as a siren that will sound in your head when you find somebody whose characteristics are less than sterling.  

The last type of love on this page, some might consider the most exciting.  Although they are all equally as important, I must agree that this portion of the piece is the most exciting.  This is because involves a love call Eros, which is romantic love.  This includes not only that sensation of "this is the one for me," but also the sensation of "Wow, I can't wait to get my hands on you!"  Accordingly, this portion of the item will allow you and your partner to experience raw romanticism.  When the powers in this piece are evoke, you and your partner will leave your humanity behind, allowing your raw animal instincts to take over.  Then, you will experience the most mind blowing, tantalizing sex that you have ever experienced.  It will make the sex between you and your partner go longer, deeper, and more passionate than ever before as you both have the best orgasms that you have ever experienced!  This will also help you develop trust and loyalty-- overall true love-- between you and your partner!  

The final power (not a type of love) that is in this piece is the ability cast love spells.  You can use this piece and energy that has been put into it to cast an unlimited amount of love spells for those around you.   This is pretty cool in and of itself, as people are always looking to find true love and will be a ground laying to begin your spell working!  The powers in this piece might be simple, but they are very, very powerful!  If love if what you are after, and a lot of people are, then this is the piece for you!