Triple Esoterica,TRIPE SHRINES
Triple Esoterica,TRIPE SHRINES
Triple Esoterica,TRIPE SHRINES

Triple Esoterica,TRIPE SHRINES

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Sometimes we get our pieces from our connections at various places like the Vatican, Area 51 (and the new state of the art space station Area 52), and the Pentagon.  Sometimes we get them by chance at consignment sales, antique stores, and estate auctions.  Then, there are those items that we actually have to chase after.  They comprise a very large chunk of the pieces that we offer.  The item that I am offering is one of those types of items.  We actually traveled and made this piece a while back, and have been waiting for the appropriate time to list it for you folks.  Despite the fact that the governments of the world have been fully aware of the existence of the location where this piece was given its power, the discovery of the place was recently featured in news articles across the web.  They say that the place was just recently unearthed.  

I don't know what the motive was, maybe to steal some of the precious metals and gold that were once part of the magnificent shrines.  Maybe they wanted to keep the power for themselves.  I don't know, but the fact is that the shrines have been known about for years now.  It is just that recently they announced their discovery, interest has surged.  I thought that now was a better time than ever to offer the item that we made using the energies of this place.  It will give you a full experience of the shrines without even having to leave your own livingroomif you don't want to.  

The Tripe Shrines date back to about 3,300 years ago. They exist within a fortress at Gegharotin Armenia.  They are atop a hill the oversees the rest of the activity in the area.  Each of these shrines consists of a single room.  Each room holds a clay basin that is filled with ash and ceramic vessels.  Among the artifacts found are clay idols with horns, stamp seals, censers used to burn substances, and a collection of different types of animal bones with mysterious markings on them.  Archaeologists were told to act as if these have taken the world by surprise, but don't be fooled, they have known about the existence of this shrine for some time, as I have pointed out earlier.  

The shrine is chock full of esoteric energy. It is the place that the leaders and sorcerers of the time would come to gain divination and spirit journeys.  During these spirit journeys that would shown all things.  They would be see everything from their past to their future.  They could travel to spectra and areas of space and the uncharted universe.  They would gain all the magic from the centrifugal force at the center of the universe that ties all living things together into one cosmic consciences.  This is how they are able to be omnipotent of all powers and abilities and how they were able to become the most power sorcerers of their time.  

The powers came from visitors, whose images were then shaped into tiny little clay figures.  They are the idols that were found in the chamber.  The ashes are the ashes of the substances the would burn in the censers.  The smoke of what they burnt would fill their nose and they would begin their spirit journey.  The visitors, who were from a far away galaxy taught them all of these techniques of spirit journey.  During our investigation, these powers were some of the most electrifying that I have ever experience.  They crawled with excitement, making me feel like my skin had pins and needles all over.  

The powers they gained from Cosmic Conscious they awakened, the ancient sorcerers would use to write things into existence and into their own lives.  When you have the driving force that sustains all life in the palm of your hands, there pretty much isn't anything that you can't do.  This is the whole basis for the piece that I am about to offer you.  It is omnipotent and omniscient, just like the ancient sorcerers who would travel to the triple shrines to go on their spirit journeys.  

The piece that you are getting is a pill box or poison ring.  On the top is the gem where we were able to funnel all the energies that found on our investigation of the triple shrines.  The power of three always proves to be very powerful, and the power in this piece has so far been unparalleled.  To use the piece, all you have to do is put something of your own personal being in the part of the ring that opens up.  It can be hair, a fingernail, blood, whatever.  Leave the piece in the ring for a full 24 hours.  The sorcery and magic in the piece will bind with the piece of you and you will gain all the powers that the shrines ever had to offer.  

With this piece, you will be able to facilitate your own spirit journeys, whereby you can travel to any part of the universe.  You will gain the power of the cosmic conscious that exists at the center of all existence-- not just humanity-- but all life forms.  This power will allow you to write things into existence, including your own destiny, powers, abilities, wealth, etc.  Like I said, the powers in this piece are unparalleled.  You don't want to miss out on this one!  
Sterling silver and tiger eye,poison ring,adjustable