Case File: MJ 12 and the Mirage Men
Case File: MJ 12 and the Mirage Men

Case File: MJ 12 and the Mirage Men

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Ever look up at the stars at night and wonder if somebody else is looking at the same star sky, somewhere far away?  Yeah, I've done that, too.  More often, however, I find myself staring up at the stars wondering to myself, "What else is out there?  What goes on in the rest of the universe?"  For a human to even ponder the possibility that its race and planet is the only existence in the universe would be nothing short of arrogance.  I mean, there has to something else out there.  

This is the case file of the Majestic 12.  The Majestic 12 or MJ12 is the covert codename given to a group of scientists, military leaders and government officials that were in charge of reconnaissance operations after the Roswell Incident in 1947. It was set in place by means of a secret executive order signed into place by President Harry Truman shortly after the Roswell Incident in 1947.  The sole purpose of the group was to investigate the happenings and clean up the evidence of the UFO crash landing that happened in Roswell-- to cover up the findings of the beings that they found there from a separate, parallel universe called the Mirage Men. 

Using my piece, was able to summon of the Majestic 12, whose last name I wasn't able to psychically pick up on.  I know for an absolute fact that the man's first name is William.  Thus, I am calling him William X.  He is one of the higher ranking officials from the MJ 12, who worked in conjunction with President Truman to develop the group of top level investigators.  

I was taken to a dark room.  The walls were inscribed with glowing letters and symbols, none of which I understood, but all of which I could psychically understand were not of human descent.  In fact, I had never experienced any type of symbolism or glyphs such as these in my entire career of working with the occult and unusual.  I used my index finger to trace the walls and glyphs that were glowing a blue green color and pulsed like a heartbeat through veins.  In the far corner of the room, enshrined in a glass-like cylinder casing was a blueish-grey figure who pumped the energy through the markings on the wall, like an alien heart of energy.  The energy was warm, but not heavy as I began to make sight of a humanoid figure who appeared right in front of me and told his name was William.  

William spoke no words but simply help out his palms, in which were carved a certain set of symbols-- something like branding on a cow.  He touched his palm to my palm and in a flash I was given the entire history of the MJ 12 beginning with the discoveries found in Roswell New Mexico, including the findings of the Mirage Men-- the Secret Race of Roswell.  I was able to collect energy from William, which was put into this item that is being listed.  It contains his entire spiritual embodiment and will give you full resurrection powers of his entity.  

When you use this piece, you will be able to bring the spiritual form of William X into your physical domain.  He will appear as a bluish-grey figure, so do not be alarmed.  It has something to do with his transformation into a Mirage Man at death when he obtained his immortality.  He will introduce himself to you, simply as William.  Then he will give you is palm, at which point you want to place your palm flatly and directly on his (which, if you remember correctly will be inscribed with extraterrestrial markings)  These markings will give you the entire history of the MJ12 project, just as it has done for me.  It will give you visions into the whole happening in its entirety, including the crash in Roswell to the arrival of the Mirage Men.  It will give you insights into the secret powers and magic of the Mirage Men and their race.  It will give you the secrets to the knowledge of the living, breathing, ancient scripts in the secret chamber in Roswell.